Winter-Ready: Order Your New Shed Today!

Winter-Ready: Order Your New Shed Today!

Although cooler weather often distracts us from investing in new garden and backyard renovations, the early Autumn months are the perfect time for many important property investments.  One of the best options is a brand new, customized garden shed or miniature storage building. Although summer is over, planning for your new shed is the perfect way to prepare for the chilly winter season.

Many valuable garden tools and planting materials are placed at risk during the cold, wet winter months.  Cold snaps, frost, and leaky storage options can easily ruin hundreds of dollars worth of supplies.  Investing in a leak-proof, secure shed is the perfect option for homeowners and gardeners worried about valuable property loss.

Although the first winter snowfall may feel far away, early frost and premature winter storms are closer than we think.  A well-built, professional shed takes 3 to 6 weeks of construction and delivery.  Don’t wait till the last minute! If you live in mountainous regions or in areas with severe winter weather, your shed could be delayed far past your desired completion time. The sooner you begin the planning and construction process, the sooner your investment will be ready for the daunting winter months ahead.

You’ll definitely enjoy the safe security your shed will offer during winter, but you’ll be even happier next summer when the planting and yard work season approaches.  Next Spring you’ll thank yourself for the wise investment when you find your potting soil and yard equipment dry, safe, and ready for action.

Every shed is different.  Your individual needs won’t be the same as your friends or neighbors.  Take all your concerns and yardwork goals into consideration as you begin planning your new shed design with an interactive 3D model. For questions and design tips, contact us today and let us help you prepare for this winter with a customized garden shed.