Why now is the time to invest in a storage shed

Why now is the time to invest in a storage shed

Spring storage shed

Summer is coming, which means now may be the best time for you to buy a storage shed for your yard. If you’re considering it, here are four reasons why you may want to do it.

Off-season is one of the best times to order.

Why? Peak seasons are great for business, but it might take us longer to get your order ready during that time. Ordering your shed before the peak season hits means a shorter wait time and that you’ll be putting your shed to good use while your neighbors are still waiting for theirs to arrive.

Don’t have the money to buy, but need the space now? Our rent-to-own program can help with that, and you won’t have to worry about early payoff penalties either.

Storage sheds add value.

Painted portable garage delivered on gravel.

Trying to sell your house this summer? Storage sheds add valuable space prospective homeowners are looking for. Installing it right before you sell may seem like a waste of money, but the extra space will help sell your house for a much greater profit than you expected.

You need space for your summer toys.

The summer season gives you some of the best recreational activity options available. From swimming or bicycle riding to camping and kayaking, there are a million options to choose from. You are going to need a place to store your summer toys and you know it now, so why wait until the summer to figure it out? Investing in a shed in the spring gives them a home year-round, and you don’t’ have to worry about where to keep everything later.

Your kids need somewhere to hang out.

Your kids may want to stick around the house for the first few days of summer vacation, but they will want to get outside eventually. Why not have an option ready for them in the backyard? Install a Cumberland Shed Cabin in your backyard and set the inside up to keep them entertained all summer long. They’ll have a space to hang out with their friends, and your house will be the coolest on the block.

Still considering your options? Check them out on our website today.