Turn Your Shed Into a Home Gym

Turn Your Shed Into a Home Gym

A Workout Can Be Just a Walk Away

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a gym located right next to your home? Better yet, a gym that you can access whenever you want without paying any of those monthly membership fees! Well, what are you waiting for?

Create your own home gym!

That’s right! You can create your own personalized gym through a light renovation of an existing shed or outbuilding on your property. There are too many reasons not to!

  • Enjoy the Convenience. Why drive across town when you can simply walk across your yard? Enough said.
  • Get the Equipment Out of Your Home. For those of us who already choose to workout at home, it doesn’t take long to realize that all of the stuff sure does take up a lot of living space, which is why many choose to get a membership from a company that can store all the equipment at the big gym. But when you convert your shed into a gym, it allows you to use your own machinery while freeing up the room in your house.
  • Perform in Privacy. Although everyone is different, some of us don’t really care to have a crowd around when we’re exercising; it’s distracting, and sometimes causes an excess of noise and clatter. In your own personal gym you can enjoy the solitude as you focus on your reps, or crank up your favorite workout tunes as you jog on the treadmill!

The Transformation

Converting your storage shed into a home gym will only take some minor effort; and it really depends on how far you want to go. Installing adequate electricity is a must! This will allow for lighting, climate control, the operation of the equipment, and extra luxuries such as a TV and speaker system.

You can put down some comfortable flooring, and finish the walls to your preference; then you’re ready to move the exercise machinery into its new home!

We also recommend a portable drinking system with a top bottle load so that you can have plenty of drinking water handy without the hassle of installing plumbing in your shed. Hydration is a must; especially during physical exertion!

Invite a Friend

Unlike being in a large gym room with a lot of strangers, having a close friendaround helps you to enjoy the moments while you break a sweat. Having a friend to workout with is beneficial on several levels

  • Friends encourage each other to reach goals.
  • They hold each other accountable.
  • It’s safer to have friends spot each other during heavy lifting.
  • Your workout buddy can cancel their gym membership too!

Find a workout buddy who you’re comfortable with and who’s fun to be around, and you will add a whole new dimension to your exercise sessions. And let’s be honest, you’ll want to show off your new gym anyway!