Tips for Decluttering Your Garage

Tips for Decluttering Your Garage

Garages serve as a great storage space for a vast variety of items like lawn care equipment, tools, extra pieces of furniture, and excess household belongings that aren’t being used. But every homeowner knows the struggle of adding more and more items to their garage storage collection without giving it much thought, until one day when you go to toss an item into the mix and immediately go, “Where did all this clutter come from?!”

It can be tempting to just start grabbing items and pitching them into your trash or hauling them away, but there are some tried and true tips you can use to help clean out and organize your garage to keep the clutter to a minimum and still utilize the most effective storage space in your home.

Start Sorting

While throwing out every loose item in your garage might not be the best idea, sorting through them certainly is. Break your garage down into sections and tackle one section at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Sort through the items in each section and determine what you need or want to keep and what can go. Going one section at a time can also help keep your “can go” pile small enough that it can go out with your weekly trash. For larger items that you need to dispose of, find an area out of the way where you can store them as you go through your entire garage space. When you’ve finished, see if there are any that friends or family may be able to make use of (thinking of that treadmill that’s been collecting dust for the last two years?) Anything that can’t be given away, assess and see if it could be donated, especially things like furniture, extra appliances, or household goods. Whatever’s left, which hopefully won’t be nearly as much as you started with, plan a trip to the local recycling center or your trash provider to take the remaining items.

Bring in the Bins

Once you’ve decided what’s going and what’s staying, you can start thinking of easy and effective ways to organize all the items you’re keeping. Garage storage bins are one of the best items to use for organizing your belongings because of their durability and affordability, and how easily they can be stacked and stored. For an added trick, go with the clear plastic containers so that you can easily see which items are in each bin down the road. Labels on containers can help too, but being able to peek right into a bin to find what you’re looking for in the future can prevent a lot of rooting and searching.

Utilize Your Wall Space

Wall space in garages is one of the most underutilized aspects of the space. Things like gardening equipment, certain handyman tools, extension cords, and countless other items commonly stored in garages can be easily hung on nails or other hanging structures to keep them up off the floor and create more space.

Shelves are also an excellent way to clean up the floor space in your garage. Durable wire garage shelves can have high weight thresholds and can be found in all different widths depending on which items you’re looking to store. These work great for those bins previously mentioned, or power tools, extra home appliances, kids’ outdoor toys, or even well-packed winter clothes during summer months.

Need Extra Space?

If you’re limited on garage space even after organizing, or you don’t have a garage and realize now all the storage opportunities they offer, consider a portable garage as an affordable way to add some convenient extra storage space in your home. Building a portable garage gives you the opportunity to pick your square footage, design your garage’s color scheme, and add any customized features you’ve always wanted.

Happy organizing!