The Question is: To Build or Not To Build? What do I do?

The Question is: To Build or Not To Build? What do I do?

Backyard Shed

You’ve been dreaming about putting a shed right in that spot over there. It would not only look good in your back yard, but it would add some extra storage space. You’ve seen a few pre-assembled sheds and like the idea, but just not sure which way to go. Well, we want to help you decide once and for all whether you should buy or build that dream shed.

What’s your time-frame for completing the shed?

Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who has unlimited time to daydream of your ideal shed and do have the time to make that dream a reality. I mean, what’s a few extra trips to the hardware store and a few extra pieces of lumber after the inevitable just-slightly-off measurement when you’ve got a dream and time? Most of us, though, don’t have the tools, time, or skills to extend the project indefinitely and a pre-constructed shed is a perfect solution.

What’s your budget for your shed?

Building Storage Shed

Big dreams come with big price tags. Though it is possible to build a shed for less than you would pay if you just bought a pre-constructed one, it would mean you would need very skilled labor to construct it. If you don’t possess those skills, you’re likely going to be paying a pretty penny to a professional. The potential for mistakes in blueprints, delays, and unexpected costs rises significantly when your local handyman takes on the task of building your shed. Our blueprints are engineered, and we purchase our lumber wholesale, meaning the overall cost of your shed will be cheaper and less frustrating in the long-run.

Is aesthetics a concern that is holding you back?

Many pre-constructed sheds don’t offer a lot of flexibility on choosing the style of your shed. Of course, if you build it yourself, you will have complete control over your artistic expressions. But, with tools like our online 3D shed Builder, you can design a custom creation with ease, finish the final customization, and get it delivered in your leisurely time.

Still on the fence about whether to build or buy? We encourage you to contact us with your questions, concerns, share your ideas for your dream shed. We’re confident we will find the right solutions to match your preferences, budget, and style.