Ten Tips for Fall Cleanup

Ten Tips for Fall Cleanup

Fall is just around the corner with its festivals and brightly colored leaves, and winter not far behind it. Here are ten tips for cleaning up and preparing for the change of seasons.

Backyard Firepit in the Fall

1. Clean and store your patio furniture.

Chances are good that you will not be using the patio furniture during the winter months. Before you store it, here are a few tips from Reader’s Digest on how to clean it well.

2. Winterize your lawn irrigation system.

If you leave water in your irrigation pipes, it will freeze, and your entire system will be damaged. Draining the water before it starts snowing will prevent that from happening as well as save you the cost of repairing the system in the spring.

Not sure how to do it? Angie’s List has a four-step guide, available here.

3. Store all of your outdoor toys.

Most of your outdoor toys are meant for the summer, and do not need to take up space in the house or garage during the fall and winter months. Store them in the backyard shed and bring them back out once the temperatures start climbing again.

4. Get your pool ready for cooler weather.

If you have a pool, you do not want it to be damaged by the cold winds of winter any more than you want your irrigation system damaged. If you are not sure of what to do, here is The Spruce’s How-To Guide.

09.08 2017 - Man with Lawnmower.jpg

5. Store your lawn mower.

There is little need for your lawn mower to be out once the seasons change. Empty your lawn mower’s gas tank so the gas does not break the tank as it freezes and expands, then put the lawn mower in storage.

6. Make sure your leaf blower is working properly OR that your rake is out of storage.

These will help keep your yard looking neat during the fall months when the leaves land wherever they feel like.

Snow Removal

7. Make sure you have what you need for snow removal.

Now is the time to invest in a snow blower, as well as a shovel, salt, and sand. All of these items will help keep your sidewalks and driveways useable once the snow hits.

8. Empty your hummingbird feeders and store them in a safe place.

Use the method for emptying them described by the feeder’s manufacturer, and store them in a safe place until the weather warms and they appear again.

09.13 2017 - Cleaning Gutters - Fall.jpg

9. Clean the gutters.

The last thing you need is for your gutters to be clogged up when snow starts melting off your roof. Be persistent in cleaning them out often this fall.

10. Make sure there is plenty of lighting outside along sidewalks and driveways.

Daylight hours are shorter during the winter months. Adequate lighting will help you and your guests navigate being outdoors in the evening hours much more easily.