Storage Sheds in Richfield, UT


More Stuff Than Space

We’re all familiar with the old adage: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Unfortunately, for most of us, this is an ideal, nothing like the reality of our lives. Fortunately, Cumberland Buildings in Richfield Utah provide a convenient, lasting solution to this quandary, and one that we custom-fit to your needs.

Here, you’ll find a brief description of our customization options, the quality materials and craftsmanship we guarantee, and the convenience with which we provide our superior products to our valued customers.

The Perfect Storage Solution


Richfield Cumberland Buildings provides a variety of different sizes and designs to meet all of your building needs, whether it be storing tools, providing extra living space, or anything in between.


Only slightly less important than what you want your structure to do, is how it looks on your property. To meet all your needs where this is concerned, Cumberland Buildings Richfield provides a variety of finishes, painted and otherwise, to make sure your shed is something you’ll be happy to see on a daily basis.


In addition to providing different shapes and colors for your desired structure, Cumberland Buildings in Richfield also provide a variety of options where building materials are concerned, including painted or stained wood siding and wood or shingle roofs.

Fast, Free Delivery and Setup

With free delivery and setup for customers within 50 miles of an authorized distributor (currently located throughout Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, southeast Wyoming, Utah, and west Nebraska), Cumberland Buildings in Richfield provides you the exact building you want, without the attendant hassle associated with other companies.

What’s more, we offer a price-match guarantee, which assures you get the best deal, on the best shed.

Guaranteed Quality

Our commitment to quality permeates every step of our manufacturing process, and is evident in every piece of material we use. We stand behind our promise of quality with a superior warranty on all our products.

Our guarantee includes (but is certainly not limited to) a limited 5-year warranty on workmanship and material defects, 30-year manufacturer warranties on roofs and shingles, and a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty against termites and fungal decay, for all pressure-treated siding.

Get Yours Today

Cumberland Buildings Richfield would love to help you get started on finding your perfect storage solution today. We guarantee that at the very least, you’ll have a place for a lot more things, and a lot more things in their place! Feel free to contact us with any questions as well, we look forward to getting to know you, and meeting all your needs.