Storage Sheds: Adding Value to Your Home

Storage Sheds: Adding Value to Your Home

Storage sheds are beneficial to you as they increase your home’s value and add more storage space to an area that was once visually unoccupied. Cumberland Buildings provide nothing but quality products. Why opt for a plastic or thin metal shed, when you can get a customized wooden shed that is solid and durable?

How do Sheds Add Value?

Increase home value

This is important to understand if you ever want to sell your home. You want to be sure you do not cut yourself short and disregard the value added to your home from your shed.

  • Provide more storage; especially if there is no garage
  • Sheds that are designed well are aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • A home with a quality shed means less work for potential buyers

Building Your Customized Shed

If you have been thinking about adding a shed to your home, now is the time to do it. Spring is here and there is no better time to create more space to store your backyard’s “grooming tools”. You can use your shed for whatever purpose is most beneficial to you but we have seen many sheds used to store:

  • Landscaping Equipment
    • Lawn Mowers
    • Leaf Blowers
    • Weed Whackers
    • Edgers
    • Wheel Barrow
  • Pool Supplies
    • Rafts and Floats
    • Chemicals for the Pool
    • Lawn Chairs
    • Pool Toys
    • Towels (conveniently available for the kids)

These are just a couple of the many ways you can utilize your new shed. And utilizing a quality shed can actually end up saving you money in the long run. Take your new patio set, for example. In the colder months, you might not have anywhere to store it, causing you to leave it out in the elements, which could result in some rusting or wear-and-tear. If you can store your patio set away in the shed during cold seasons and keep it protected, you can avoid depreciation and it will last longer.

Don’t wait. Have fun customizing your new shed to match the color of your home, or create a unique design. Our products are built to last and built with integrity. Contact us with any additional questions.

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