Start Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution With A Cumberland Building Gym!

Start Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution With A Cumberland Building Gym!

New Year’s Resolution 2019 - Storage Shed Home Gym

If you are like many people, you’ll be making at least one New Year’s Resolution at the end of the year.  The most common resolution made is to get into shape.

Unfortunately, the majority of people fail before February is over.

If you have a similar resolution to get fit, imagine yourself three months from now. You walk out your back door and over to your own personal gym. It takes about 30 seconds to walk into your fitness haven and your continued success in getting into shape.

This is entirely possible with a Cumberland Buildings shed.

Build your personal gym to your specifications

Cumberland sheds are sturdy buildings meant to withstand the severest of weather conditions on the outside while providing comfort and year-round functionality on the inside. The best part of using one of our sheds is you can design it for yourself, and we do all the building and setting up for you! Once your shed has been delivered, all you have to do is have the electrical, and any HVAC options you want, installed by professionals.

Don’t think our sheds are dull, drab looking buildings. If you look at our selections, you’ll see we have attractive models that look more like small homes than boring, cube-like sheds you find at big-box stores.

Take our cabin model, it certainly doesn’t look like a utility building on the outside, and you can make it look even better by adding your choice of paint and custom hardware.

Shed goals

The last thing you need to do is probably the most fun of all, choose the equipment you want to place inside your personal gym. Our sheds are spacious, so you’ll be able to accommodate just about any type of fitness equipment.

Why you should choose Cumberland Buildings for your gym

Our specialty is sheds, cabins, and other outbuildings. By using Cumberland Buildings, you’ll be able to:

  • Design your own shed with our 3-D design tool for free.
  • We offer free delivery and set-up within 50 miles of any authorized Cumberland Buildings dealer.
  • 5-year limited warranty on workmanship and a 30-year manufacturer warranty on tiles and shingles.
  • We have a rent-to-own program.

To learn more about how you can have a personal fitness center at home, take a look at our buildings. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.