Small Farm-Animal Housing

Small Farm-Animal Housing

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Looking for a great way to start your new hobby farm? Cumberland Buildings are the perfect choice for housing your small livestock; whether you’re raising a flock of dairy goats, layer hens, or alpacas, our portable structures are just what you’ve been looking for to keep your critters safe and sound!


One of the most important features that livestock housing must offer is the assurance of safety from predators. Few events are as disheartening as when wolves, coyotes, foxes, the neighbor’s dog, or other vermin break into your animals’ enclosure and do unrepairable damage. It is vital that your hard work and the lives of your animals are protected by a secure structure that can withstand the attempts of hungry outsiders.

Cumberland Buildings are built for lasting strength and protection. The doors are reinforced with 2″x 4″s, and also have key locks for added security. Floors are constructed of pressure-treated materials to prevent rotting; the long life of the floor boards discourages vermin from digging through, as is often the case when wood begins to rot.


Horse Barn and Loafing Shed for small Farm animals and livestock
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Our barns and sheds come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs; in fact you can even custom design a structure to fit your individual needs! Exteriors come in natural wood, or a paint color of your choice (many of our clients select a color to match or compliment their home or other pre-existing structures). The building is then constructed and delivered right to your home with no further assembly required; it’s that simple.

No need to look anywhere else for an attractive and secure livestock barn; for 6 years we have been supplying the western United States with high-quality buildings, and have steadily grown in production and reputation. Take some time to browse through our extensive options of products, then contact Cumberland Buildings today, and see what we can do for you!