Rent-To-Own Program

Rent to Own

Rent to Own BuildingsNot able to pay for a storage building upfront but desperate for storage? Cumberland Buildings has you covered. We believe everyone should have access to the extra storage they need for their home or business. Therefore, a rent-to-own program is offered on the standard storage buildings and is offered throughout our dealers in the Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, north Missouri, Nevada, west Nebraska, Utah and southeast Wyoming. region (Some customized buildings do not qualify for this program).

Instead of paying commercial storage fees forever, you can rent-to-own your own storage building. The low monthly rates are comparable to commercial storage fees on a square foot basis. However, instead of traveling to a storage facility, you get to have this storage on your own property. Just think of the travel time and gasoline you’ll save!

Getting a storage building is quite simple. You complete an application, pay a security deposit and the first month’s rent. The security deposit is reimbursed upon purchase. NO CREDIT CHECK is required nor are you obligated to keep the building. If you ever wish to return the building, simply contact us for prompt removal. The building is yours after 36 months of monthly rental payments, or if you wish, you can pay it off early without penalty. We also now offer our rent-to-own contract on a 60 month term.

If you are interested in our rent-to-own program, contact your local Cumberland dealer or call our main office at 855-957-4337 for further details. You could have the storage you need in just two to three weeks (depending on the time of year)!