Order Your Own Custom Horse Barn

Order Your Own Custom Horse Barn

Horse Barn Stained Siding

Portable Buildings Are Gaining Momentum

It has never been easier to start a small farm or ranch than it is today! Cumberland Buildings has become a leader in the manufacturing of portable sheds and cabins across the nation, and thousands of clients have come to value the presence of their local dealers, and the products they deliver; this includes horse barns.

The convenience of shopping online, and having a nearly-completed high-quality structure delivered right to your home is almost unbeatable; the only thing that’s even better, is to be able to take part in the process of the building’s design!

Horse Pasture - Cumberland Buildings Horse and Livestock Barns

Hey! …Is for Horses

But seriously, folks… if you’re in need of a new barn to house your horses, Cumberland Buildings has just what you’re looking for. How can we be so sure? …because you get to customize it yourself!

Horses in the pasture grazing - Cumberland Buildings Horse and Loafing sheds

Our horse barns come in sealed natural wood siding or LP siding that is painted the color of your choice. Roof materials include standard shingles or corrugated metal sheeting, both of which have four color options. Barn widths are 10′ or 12′, and the length can be as much as 32′; that’s enough room for several horses to live comfortably in style!

Want a tack room included in the building? No Problem! …just let us know and we’ll frame in a tack room on the last 8′ of the barn; this makes a great place to store feed, hay, and equipment safely, right where you’ll need it.

Make Your “Neigh”-bors Jealous

Ready to get started on your new project? Be sure to contact us today for a quote!

Why not have the best for your horses! After all, they put in a lot of work for you; and there are very few things prettier than a big, beautiful-eyed mare stretching her neck out of a clean, tidy, stable to whinny a “good morning” to you, as you walk to the barn for the morning chores.