Need a Home Improvement Project? Get Your Interior Some Trim!

Need a Home Improvement Project? Get Your Interior Some Trim!

It’s kind of like “bling,” but for your home. Interior trim comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can add an additional 5% to your home’s value. Trim can be fairly inexpensive as well, depending on where you buy it. Trim comes in a variety of materials and colors as well, some of which are pre-painted, so you have a lot of options to mull over while you’re stuck inside. Trim can go along the ceiling of your home, or along the floor.

There are even prebuilt corner trims so you don’t have to worry about cutting the corner precisely right. Some of the popular wood trim includes oak, mahogany, redwood, fir and cedar. You also have PVC composite, fiberboard, polystyrene, polyurethane and wood composite. You can choose to buy primed wood, which already comes with a base color.

If you decide to go with base wood trim, you’re going to have to choose between painting or staining. If you’re going to paint, it is suggested that you use woods like fir which are cheap. More expensive woods, like mahogany or cedar, should most definitely be stained or oiled. A good stain could give the board a new color while keeping the original look of the texture and gives your trim added protection for the changes of temperature in your home.

If you choose wood like mahogany or cedar, you should use natural oils. These oils seep into the wood and makes it harder and more resistant to temperature fluctuations. They also really help bring out the color and texture as well, giving your home a unique look. Trim can be installed using nails, or by a resin which you only need to apply pressure to make sure the trim holds and stays in place. Installing trim in your home can be a simple way to make it look really classy.