Need A Cozy Guest House?

Need A Cozy Guest House?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small comfortable place for guests to stay at when they come for a weekend visit; …somewhere with a higher degree of privacy than the spare bedroom, yet close enough to enjoy your company most of the day? Hotels and B&Bs are great for some people, but if you’d like to provide guests with a quaint little cabin that is low in cost and high in “cozy”, you may want to consider building an outdoor guest house!

Whether it’s for a holiday, family reunion, or some other special occasion, a guest house is the perfect way to set up your friends or family with a burden-free place where they can stay during their visit. Simple furnishings and a mini-fridge will make anyone feel right at home!

Let’s admit it, sometimes after a long day on the road, we just want to relax and be able to leave our stuff sitting around for a while; your guests are no different, and the privacy of a guest house allows company to take it easy without the worry of keeping your main home the picture-perfect model, like it was when they arrived (because that’s how you always keep your home, …right?).

Cumberland Buildings offers a large variety of attractive cabin shells that you can personally design and have delivered right to where you are! The buildings can be finished with an exterior of natural wood, or custom paint that will match currently-existing structures on your property. After your new guest house arrives, all you have to do is finish the interior to your preferences, and then you’re ready to send out your first invitation!

Don’t forget that family and friends are some of the most important things in life; enjoy every minute of your time together, and take every opportunity to show hospitality!