Make Your Shed Game Ready

Make Your Shed Game Ready

Football Party

Football season is finally here! When you want to get away from the business that goes on every day inside your home, turning to your storage shed is the perfect way to create a retreat that will allow you to enjoy the game in style. Depending on the size of your shed, it could even double as a game room, allowing you to enjoy time with your guests all year long.

Setting the Stage

In order to turn your storage shed into the perfect retreat for Sunday football, you’ll need several key items. Consider which ones are necessary in order to fulfill your desires for your new game cave.

A television. Choose a television large enough to watch the game comfortably. After all, what’s the point of a retreat if you can’t see the screen?

Comfortable seating. Think through how many people are likely to join you in your game cave as well as what type of seating will be most comfortable. A couch may comfortably hold three, but only if you’re close friends!

A mini fridge. The last thing you want is to go traipsing into the house every time someone wants a drink. Store game-friendly snacks and drinks in your mini fridge to make game day extra special!

Lighting. If your time with your friends continues after dark, you want to be sure you’re all able to see. Add adequate lighting to help make it easier to see what’s going on around you–including the walk back to the house after the game is over.

Pool Table in Man Cave

Adding the Game Fun

Do you still have room in your shed after installing seating and the television? If so, let it double as a game room! Try adding some of these fun game staples to your room:

  • A pool table
  • A Foosball table
  • Air hockey

You can even add a mini bar that will allow you to mix and serve up drinks to wow and impress your friends!

Crafting your shed into the perfect game room is a fun project that will benefit you throughout the entire football season. If you’re scrambling to get it all together in time, invite your friends over a little early to help. You’ll all enjoy the benefits throughout the rest of the season.