Arizona Cabin Shells and Wooden Sheds

Order your new portable storage shed, wood barn, garage, or cabin shell from Cumberland Buildings Arizona! We have many different styles and color options to choose from. You may even add-on options such as shelving, workbench, insulation, additional windows, and more! 


Cumberland Buildings in Arizona builds each storage shed and cabin shell with high quality materials and has been built in the tradition of Mennonite craftsmanship and manufactured in the United States by our highly-skilled American craftsmen. Our team of engineers is constantly improving the design of our portable storage sheds and barns to withstand harsh weather conditions and regular day-to-day life in Arizona and across the rest of our region - Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Nevada. 


You don't have to worry about paying extra for delivery to your Arizona home! Each Cumberland Building comes with Free Delivery and Setup within 50 miles of your closest authorized dealer. To find a dealer near you, scroll down or visit our locations page for a full list of locations. 


Every one of our storage buildings and cabin shells is covered by our 5-year warranty on workmanship! Cumberland Buildings in Arizona, and the rest of our region, also come with some manufacturer warranties. 


If you aren't able to pay for your storage shed upfront, rest assured that Cumberland Buildings in Colorado has got your back! We have a rent-to-own program available with No credit check! You're already approved! You can pay monthly rental payments for 36 months, or payoff your building early with no penalty. 


To learn more about our materials, free delivery, warranties, and payment options, click here.



Cumberland Buildings does not currently have any dealers in Arizona. However, we do deliver to parts of northwest Arizona. Please give us a call to see if we can deliver a Cumberland Building storage shed to you! You may also visit our locations page to find your closest Cumberland Buildings authorized storage shed dealer.