How to Convert A Storage Shed Into Your Dream Home Office Space

How to Convert A Storage Shed Into Your Dream Home Office Space

Finding the right space for a home office inside your home can be hard. One solution that has become popular in the last few years is taking the home office outside of the house. Many people are turning backyard storage sheds into their perfect home office space. Here is a quick guide for you if you want to do the same.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Home Office

Before you take the plunge and buy a shed to convert into your home office space, there are two things you will need to consider carefully.

  • What shed should you buy? Sheds come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure yours is tall enough to stand up in without hitting your head. If barn doors are not to your taste, look for a shed with traditional ones instead. You will want to have a window to let in natural light. Appearance-wise, a shed that looks like a home is good and a resemblance to your home is better.
  • Where should you put it? The best spot in your backyard will be the one that catches the most sunlight, has a clear path to the back door and is able to access utilities (like electricity). Your feet will thank you when trips into the house to go to the bathroom or grab a snack become more frequent.

Once Your Shed is in Position

Deciding which shed to buy and where to put it were the easy part. Now that it is standing (and looking great on the outside), the inside needs to catch up with the outside.

DIY at home Office in Shed with drywall
  1. If you have not already done so, figure out how you are getting electricity to the shed and what heating and cooling sources you plan to use.
  2. Wire the shed for electricity, telephone, internet, and cable before you put up any of the walls on the inside. Hire an electrician to ensure wiring is up to code and prevent electrical problems in the future.
  3. Once wiring is done, put in insulation and install drywall.
  4. Install trim, receptacle covers, electrical switches and light fixtures, paint the walls, and put in your choice of flooring.
  5. Bring in your office furniture and decorate.

Creating a home office in your backyard is not a complicated process, and a customized Cumberland Buildings shed will only make it easier. Contact us today to get started on the home office of your dreams.