No matter what our particular need, we all want to know that the important items we store in a shed or barn are safe from the elements and other threats. We are willing to pay good money for the privilege of not having to worry about our possessions.

On this page, you’ll learn all about how Cumberland Buildings in Gunnison, Utah, ensures you can store your items with confidence in our fine buildings.

We’ll explain what makes our sheds special, from the lumber used to the variety of material and color options. We’ll also give you a preview of all the steps we take to ensure that your path to an ideal storage solution is as hassle-free and pleasant as possible.

Materials You Want

Whether you are building a doghouse or a mansion, quality materials will add to the durability, usability, and comfort of your structure. We want our buildings to last as long as you’ll need them, and we anticipate this will be a long time.

With this in mind, we go to great lengths to ensure that, from the ground up, our structures are built from the highest-quality lumber, siding, roofing, window glass, etc.

We are careful to ensure that every element of our building process contributes to a final product that will stand the test of time, and any demand you may make of it.


Options You Demand

It’s not enough to offer one type of shed, no matter how well-built it may be. We know that our customers’ needs in Gunnison are as varied and unique as our customers themselves.

With this awareness, we’ve formulated a product offering that provides a wide variety of different options, along with a host of customizable elements and variations.

When you come to us for a building, our aim is to ensure that you end up with the perfect solution. We’re very good at accomplishing this aim.


A Process You’ll Be Grateful For

Knowing that you can find your ideal storage shed, barn, or cabin is wonderful, but if the process of doing so is miserable or demanding, we understand that can dampen the experience.

We don’t want anything to dilute your positive experience, so we go to great lengths to make the search, purchase, and installation processes as pleasant as possible. We even offer free shipping to your location, with setup once your shed arrives.

What does all this mean for you?

It means that, if you need a new shed, you now know where to go. Contact us today in Gunnison, Utah, to start the process of finding your perfect solution.