Give Your Landscaping a Fresh Spring Touch

Give Your Landscaping a Fresh Spring Touch

As warm weather rolls in and sets the stage for spring barbecues and summer parties, it’s a great time to give some thought to how to add a fresh spring touch to your landscaping. Everything from a few small touch-ups to major projects can make a substantial difference in the curb appeal of your home for the warmer months. 

Trim Trees and Shrubs

A thorough trimming of any trees, shrubs and, bushes will immediately give your landscaping a clean-cut and fresh look. Make sure that when trimming any large tree branches you ensure you’re making the right pruning cuts for your tree. Correct pruning of your trees is the best way to maintain their health and longevity. With shrubs, pay close attention to the shaping of your shrubs and bushes, and tackle their pruning one branch at a time.  Regular trimming and pruning of your shrubs will help to remove any dead wood and branches that may hinder continued growth or bloom, as well as increase airflow through your bushes that is necessary to keep them healthy.

Weed, Clean, and Spruce Up Walkways

Brick and stone pathways can add some stunning curb appeal for homes, but not if you can’t see them. Take some time to weed your walkways and give them a good power washing. Giving your walkways a good once over will allow you to clearly see any areas that may need some light repair like cracked bricks or stones. Look into ways to spruce up your walkways and improve their aesthetic appeal like adding lava rocks to accent your stone walkway or lining your brick walkway with attractive flowers. 

Freshen Your Mulch

After giving any flower beds a thorough weeding, adding a fresh layer of mulch is a perfect way to give your beds a fresh, brand-new look. In addition to flower beds, add fresh mulch around the base of any trees. Not only does this give your trees aesthetic appeal, but it helps protect and preserve the base from other plants and helps guide lawnmowers away from its roots. 


Consider Any Major Additions You Want To Make

Homeowners wanting to increase the appeal of their home should never skimp on their landscaping, but can also consider alternative ways to spruce up their outdoor space. Keeping a clean, well-maintained yard is important, but considering adding a shed to store lawn materials that may be in plain sight can reduce any clutter in your yard and can make a great addition to the overall layout of your landscaping. Sheds can be adorned with hanging planters, modern lighting fixtures, or surrounded by flower beds full of bright-colored bulbs to make it a charming addition to your home. 

There’s no better time than spring to give your landscaping the refresh that it needs to be ready for entertaining your favorite folks, or just enjoying quiet warm nights in the backyard. Consider these tips to give your home’s curb appeal a boost this year.