From A Shack to A Hideaway: The Ultimate Tips For Turning A Backyard Shed into A Playhouse

From A Shack to A Hideaway: The Ultimate Tips For Turning A Backyard Shed into A Playhouse

Kids make our homes livelier, but they deserve safe spaces to play and explore. A playhouse is an excellent way of encouraging kids to play outside anytime, regardless of season or weather. How about that shed sitting at the back of your house? Have you ever thought of turning it into a playhouse?  Read on to find out tricks you can use for this exciting escapade.

Work With a Theme

Kids are inspired by different subjects and characters, such as cartoons, cars, or art. The mental stimulation encourages their creativity and physical activities. While on your DIY playhouse project, consider what your child is obsessed with, then draw inspiration from there.

Choose the Right Colors

Bright colors attract young kids’ attention since they find them appealing. While picking colors, avoid going for just one color as it may be a little boring for them. Consider the age of your kids and which colors are their favorite. Alternatively, depending on your kid’s likes, you can research whimsical color combinations for kids, such as pink, orange, yellow, purple, red, or blue.

Be Creative With The Outside

The first glance of the playhouse is the outer part, which would encourage the kids to use the playhouse often or not. You can be a little creative by adding a swing hanging on one side and slides at the front for that outdoor physical stimulation. Additionally, you can do a fairy garden outside the playhouse to make it look more colorful and flowery.

Keep It Clean and Safe

Being a storehouse, some items present may not be safe for kids, such as nails, splinters, chemical residues, or any form of poison. Make sure you look out for hazards, dust the windows, and mop all corners of the shed. After confirming safety, you can involve the kids in the cleaning process to make it more fun. Also, laminate the floor or use a comfy colorful carpet and rugs to make the floor safer.

There is no better way of keeping the kids active while exploring and having fun than bringing a playhouse right into your compound. It all starts with an ideal shed that Cumberland Buildings will customize to suit your needs. Contact us today for all your building needs!

custom backyard shed turned into a playhouse