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Quality Storage Sheds in Enterprise, Utah

Whether looking for additional storage in the backyard, a guest cabin, hobby room, or man cave, storage sheds are a great outdoor upgrade. Each building at Cumberland Buildings is crafted with the highest quality wood, so it is able to withstand the elements for years to come. Additional features such as water sealing and reinforced doors come at no extra charge. Whatever the contents within, homeowners can rest easy knowing they are completely safe from the weather and other outdoor elements.

A Variety of Uses

Utah storage sheds can be used for a variety of things in the backyard: 

  • Storage -  Seasonal items like Christmas trees and lawn mowers, food storage, and tools can all go into the shed when not being actively used by the homeowners.

  • Hobbies - Adding simple furnishings to the inside can transform the space into a hobby room or home office. For example, wood working equipment can be loud and bulky; create a space to work freely without disturbing neighbors or family members.

  • Boarding - Want to keep the pets out of your house? Our small sheds can be easily turned into pet homes or grooming stations. No more dogs and cats shedding fur all over the furniture.

  • Lodging - Our larger selection of sheds can be turned into guest quarters with relative ease. Give yourself a little space from the in-laws by sheltering them outside the house with a little sanctuary all their own.


Pick Your Style

For our local residents, storage sheds in Enterprise, Utah can be found at Bracken True Value, a partner location. Potential buyers can also look at the full Cumberland Buildings site to see all available storage shed options in Enterprise, UT.


Choose between our all-natural wood buildings or our pre-painted, colorful sheds for the ultimate customization. Special requests can be accommodated by calling 855-957-4557. Upgrade your backyard with a storage shed today.