Dreaming of Coffee? Your At-home Coffee Bar Awaits

Dreaming of Coffee? Your At-home Coffee Bar Awaits

If it’s the smell of coffee that gets you going in the morning, you’ll need to create a space in your kitchen to brew the perfect cup. You’ll want to maximize space and control clutter, all while satisfying your caffeine cravings. Better yet, setting up your dream coffee bar can add a cozy design element to your kitchen too!

Finding the perfect spot

A coffee station, in your home, is not only convenient, but it can clear up some counter space too. By moving your trusty coffee maker into its own dedicated space, you’ll be freeing up your counter for other uses. You can repurpose a bookshelf or armoire for this task, or purchase a kitchen cart or mobile island to house all your coffee-making accessories. Remember to utilize vertical space too. Hanging shelves on an otherwise empty wall can help you find storage space for your mugs and utensils. Think about using spaces that otherwise go unused, the small space in front of a window, or a corner of your dining space. You can even move your coffee bar out of the kitchen- no one says the coffee bar can’t be in the den or living area. (Coffee in your home office? Yes, please!)

Collect all your supplies

Your coffee bar can hold all your coffees and teas, of course. But it’s also a great place to store all the other items to create the perfect beverage. Think about storing your beverage pitchers there (to serve guests iced coffee or tea), your French press, pretty tea cups, or electric kettle.

Accessorizing to match your decor

Your dream coffee bar is a great way to add a pop of color, or extend your decorating choices into another nook of your home.  From pretty spoon holders, to colorful swizzle sticks, you can accessorize your space to create the most Pinterest-worthy creations. Decorative storage containers, lazy susans, and coffee pod organizers are just some of the things that can keep your space clutter free and ready for a spot on your Instagram page.

Toppings, tastes, and final touches

What will take your coffee bar from functional to fabulous? All those final touches. From cute coffee-themed decor, to creative mug storage, you can personalize your coffee bar to reflect your style. Adding in some gourmet toppings, syrups, and sprinkles might be just the small detail that will make your home the place everyone wants to gather for an afternoon pick-me-up!

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