DIY Easter Decor in Less Than 10 Minutes

DIY Easter Decor in Less Than 10 Minutes

Easter is only a hop away, meaning that there’s not much time to get all of your decorations in place. If you’re hoping to save money, while also enjoying easy and fun crafts, then try out some of our suggestions below for creative Easter DIYs.

Pinecone Eggs

Pinecones are often used for hanging bird feeders, but also make easy DIY eggs. Simply collect your pinecones, paint them in vibrant colors, or coat them in liquid glue and a touch of glitter, and prop them on their wide base anywhere you would hide an egg. 

Pinecone eggs are not only better for the environment than plastic alternatives but can be fashioned into unique, woodsy wreaths that will give your decor an antiquated touch. 

Bunny Garland

For an easy hanging decoration, all you need is colorful construction paper, a pencil, scissors, cotton balls, glue, string, and the silhouette of a bunny. 

On your construction paper, trace out the silhouette of your bunny. Then, carefully cut out your bunnies and glue on a cotton ball where the tail should be. Finally, glue the tips of the ears to the string and hang up your masterpiece. Remember to get as creative with the silhouettes as you want, as you can make all the bunnies the same, or have an arrangement of bunnies showing the progression of them hopping along the wall. 

Floral Basket

After the eggs and the bunnies, Easter is also known for another colorful symbol: flowers. Most of us already have Easter baskets at home, and so all you’ll need for this one is scissors, hot glue, and your choice of fake flowers. 

Cut off the blooms from the stems of your flowers, and be sure to be careful, as the wiring inside can be difficult to cut through. Once you have all your blooms cut, take a moment to arrange them on a table to determine if you want to follow a pattern before you start gluing. Once a bloom is glued on, it can be pulled off, but you may damage your basket in the process. After you decide your battle plan, plug in your hot glue gun and carefully glue on your flowers. Give the basket roughly five minutes to dry.

For more ideas, try looking through Prudent Penny Pincher’s 100 Cheap and Easy DIY Easter Decorations.

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