Discover the Cumberland Buildings Rent-To-Own Program Today

Discover the Cumberland Buildings Rent-To-Own Program Today

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Many people find themselves in need of extra storage space, but also find themselves limited on their immediate finances. Extra storage can prevent an overcrowded apartment or office while helping you keep possession of items that you’re not quite ready to discard or would like to store securely. In fact, extra space can be a lifesaver for seasonal items. Discover how rent-to-own storage space could be your best option for your short- or long-term storage needs.

Why Customers Prefer the Cumberland Buildings Rent-To-Own Program 


If you’ve been contemplating purchasing a storage shed, but have limited finances, Cumberland Buildings has you covered. While commercial storage fees can seem like an expense you’re bound to forever, our rent-to-own program allows you to pay comparable storage fees like what you’ll pay by the square foot.

No Credit Check: 

no credit check

Our rent-to-own program is offered throughout our dealers in Colorado, Illinois, north Missouri, Idaho, west Nebraska, and southeast Wyoming. You won’t have to travel to a storage facility with the benefits of having your very own shed to use at your convenience. This means you’ll cut down on travel time and the expense of gasoline by eliminating the hassle of going back and forth to store items. Best of all, with our rent-to-own program, there’s no CREDIT CHECK and you’re not obligated to keep the storage shed. This is essentially the opportunity to pay as you go for your own shed. This means you won’t have to worry about being turned down or suffer an impact to your credit score.

Peace of Mind: 

If you ever wish to return it, just give our professionals a call and we’ll have it promptly removed with no fuss and no frills. You’re not obligated to keep our storage shed, it’s entirely up to you. However, after 36 months, the building is yours and you own it. The option for you to pay it off early is also available. We value our customers storage needs and want to make owning your own storage shed as easy as possible.

Learn more about our rent-to-own storage shed opportunity by contacting us at Cumberland Buildings today!