Shine On


In a perfect world, all of your stuff is neat and organized, and everything is in the right spot when you go to look for it. If you don’t have a Cumberland Buildings portable storage unit on your property, there’s a good chance you don’t live in that perfect world. Thing is, it doesn’t take much to get yourself there. We have enough options and styles for sheds, cabins, or barn storage buildings in Sterling that all the stuff in your life can be perfectly arranged in no time.



Power tools, lawn tools, and summer toys that need protection from the weather―you can fit all of it and a whole lot more into one of our utility or barn sheds. With our portable sheds in Sterling, you can customize between two wall heights to accommodate your needs, and you can choose custom colors for the metal roof and the siding. (You can do all that with our other products, too.)



Out here on the fringe of northeastern Colorado, severe weather warnings are nothing out of the ordinary. Neither are our lofted barn cabins. When the winds blow, you won’t find out after the storm that the roof on your Cumberland Buildings storage unit ended up in Kansas. We build all our outbuildings in Sterling to protect your stuff, and we use only the finest materials in the tradition of Mennonite craftsmanship to ensure your cabin does the job. From the type of nails and the reinforcement of the doors to the position of the floor joists and wall studs, your cabin will stand as sturdy as your house. Funny thing, any one of our four lofted barn cabins will look like a tiny home sitting on your property. And if you want to, you can use your portable storage unit as a livable extension of your main home!



Our barns are built for whatever work or relaxation you get yourself involved in. Our standard barn is just that. You can store lawn and garden tools, pool accessories, a ton of overflow from the house or garage… whatever you need to keep locked up and weather-protected. The larger barns can house animals, are strong enough to handle small vehicles, and can support heavy equipment. The garage can handle that ’59 Chevy truck you’ve been wanting to restore since you were a kid.


Other Services

If you live right here in Sterling and want a storage building, stop by Shine On. Those folks are authorized to sell Cumberland Buildings portable storage units, and they’re just waiting to show you all the ways you can live in a perfect world. And when you stop in, be sure to ask about free delivery for folks who live within a 50-mile radius. If you find one of our storage buildings in the Sterling area that you really like but don’t think you can afford it, ask about our 36-month and 60-month rent-to-own plans that will let you live in the perfect world sooner rather than later. We serve many different states and cities across the US.


Shine On is located in Sterling Colorado in the northeast part of the state. This dealership has been a Cumberland Buildings authorized dealer since July of 2017. You can contact them at 970-580-4345 or you can stop by and see their buildings in person at 429 N 3rd St. Sterling CO 80751.

Shine On
429 North 3rd Street
Sterling, CO 80751
Phone: (970) 580-4345