Lazy J Diamond Enterprises


You work hard, and all day long you’re hauling tools, gear, and equipment from here to there and everywhere in between, and when the workday’s done, you need a place to keep your stuff. Portable storage units built by Cumberland Buildings are your best bet to keep the tools of your trade securely locked up and protected from the wind, hail, snow, and ice.



Our portable sheds in Wiggins are heavy-duty and durable, in the tradition of Mennonite craftsmanship. Whether it’s a small utility shed or a large one with a side barn door, every one of our buildings is constructed with the same high-quality materials, from the nails to the metal roofing, shingles, and treated joists. We build our storage building in Wiggins to stand sturdy and to last. With four styles of sheds to choose from, ranging from 5-feet to 16-feet long, you’ll find the perfect shed that fits your tools and the work you do. You can customize the color of the roofing and the siding on any shed you choose, and in many cases, you can customize the inside height between 4 feet, 6 feet 3 inches, and 7 feet 8 inches.



Our lofted barn cabins are designed to store just about everything you own, but you can also set yours up as a work-at-home office, or you can outfit it as a recreational space where you and your buddies can relax without causing a ruckus in the main house. Know of a good country-swing band passing through Wiggins? You could easily book them for a “house concert” in our deluxe lofted barn cabin—it’s that spacious and comfortable! Two of our cabins are fitted with a 4-ft., front-facing porch. The porch faces the side of our side lofted barn cabin. And our deluxe cabin features a wrap-around porch, perfect for an afternoon lunch break if you’ve turned your cabin into a full-blown workshop.



With our horse barn, you can shelter—yes, a horse—but also other livestock like pigs, goats, calves, and colts. For storing heavy-duty equipment or even small vehicles and tractors, we reinforced the floor of our garage with 12-inch-on-center joists. Our barns and outbuildings in Wiggins are built to handle the tough stuff.


Other Services

Need a storage unit but your monthly bills won’t let you save a big enough chunk to buy the unit you want? No sweat. We have several rent-to-own plans that let you slice up the cost of a Cumberland Buildings portable storage unit over time. In a little over two years, any of our storage buildings on your Wiggins property will become just another part of your personal gear.

Haul yourself on down to Lazy J Diamond Enterprises and get a first-hand look at some of the finest portable storage units you’ve ever seen. No matter what you do for work, and no matter what kinds of tools and equipment you haul around, you’ll find a storage building in Wiggins that will let you put away all of your stuff after work so you can take a breather from all you do. We serve many different states and cities across the US.


Lazy J Diamond Enterprise is located Northeast of Denver Colorado. This dealership has been a Cumberland Buildings authorized dealer since March of 2017. You can contact them at 970-483-7373 or you can stop by and see their buildings in person at 105 E Central Ave Unit A, Wiggins, CO 80654.

Lazy J Diamond Enterprises
105 Central Avenue
Wiggins, CO 80654
Phone: (970) 483-7373