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Every house has a particular feature that every homeowner complains about: The house has never had enough storage space. That’s why Cumberland Buildings opened shop over 10 years ago and began designing and constructing the most beautiful, functional, and well-built portable storage units you’ll find anywhere. Built in the old tradition of impeccable Mennonite craftsmanship, our sheds, cabins,  barns, and outbuildings in Akron, CO can withstand any weather that blows through Akron―except maybe a tornado!



We’ve got a shed for a small space that lets you store ordinary things like lawn and garden tools, outdoor toys, bicycles, or a kayak. Our portable sheds available in Akron, CO come either 8-ft. or 9-ft. wide, and offers headroom of 7-ft. 8-in., which means you can get a lot of stuff out of the house and out of the garage. The side utility shed has an attractive rustic barn look, and provides you with 14 feet of space. The cottage shed, which gives you a 16-ft. length, looks like something that belongs on a Pennsylvania horse ranch.



We’re in the business of building portable storage units, and our lofted barn cabins can probably hold more stuff than you need to store, but when you get a look at our cabins you’ll get the feeling they’re not just ordinary outbuildings. Built with porches and windows, any one of our cabins can become a detached extension of your home. You supply it with electrical power, and our cabins can become an office for your home business, a place where you throw parties and entertain friends, or a workshop where you can build, fix, or restore all those things you’ve been meaning to get to over the years.



Got a pony or a few sows that need shelter from the weather? We’ve got a horse barn just for that! Or, you could use it to store hay bales and a few cords of firewood. Our lofted barn storage buildings in Akron come in four sizes: 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-feet long. The floor joists of the garage are reinforced to let you store heavy equipment, machinery, or an automobile.


Other Services

We offer several rent-to-own plans that, in essence, defer the full payment of your shed over 36 months or 60 months. We also offer delivery and setup options for our storage buildings in the Akron area if you live within 50 miles of where you purchase one of our buildings.

Drop by Akron Auto LLC; they’re your local authorized Cumberland Buildings dealer. They will be happy to walk you through the sheds and buildings they have on hand and describe for you in greater detail all the ways you can customize the colors, roofing material, and even wall height and building length on most of our products. They’re right down on West First Street. Drop by today for a great storage building for your Akron home. The sooner you locate one of our buildings on your property, the sooner you can get your stuff put away! We serve many different states and cities across the US.


Akron Auto is located in the Northeastern part of Colorado. It is about 65 miles from the Nebraska border and 60 miles from the Wyoming border. This dealership has been a Cumberland Buildings authorized dealer since June of 2015. You can contact Troy Merrick at 970-345-6658 or you can stop by and see their buildings in person at 202 West 1st St. Akron, CO 80723./p>

Akron Auto LLC
202 West 1st Street
Akron, CO 80720
Phone: (970) 345-6658