GT Enterprises

GT Enterprises is located in northeast Utah. It is located near the Uintah and Ouray Reservation. This dealership has been a Cumberland Buildings authorized dealer since March of 2013. You can contact them at 435-738-5577 or you can stop by and see their buildings in person at 7485 South HWY 87 Duchesne, UT 84021. 

GT Enterprises
Address: 7485 South HWY 87
Duchesne, UT 84021
Phone: 435-738-5577
Fax: 435-735-6289


The Best Storage Sheds in Duchesne, Utah

Looking for a backyard upgrade? Want a place to store all that unsightly lawn or pool equipment? Just looking for a space outside of the house that is quiet and focused?

Backyard storage sheds are the best way to improve any home’s property. Storage sheds are perfect for Duchesne, Utah, residents because they can add value to a home. Each shed allows for a wide variety of customization options so Utahns can use them for more than just storage. Explore all the possibilities that come with a shed:

  • Storage: The most obvious and often used function of a shed is for storage. Investing in a backyard shed can mean extra space for seasonal decorations, bulky clothing, or sentimental keepsakes. With reinforced doors and complimentary water sealing, all items are sure to be kept safe and dry inside.

  • Office: With our larger sizes and window options, even a storage shed can feel like another room in the house. Simple furnishings and a little extra lighting can transform this space into a cozy office space or hobby room for focus and peace.

  • Garden Room: Storage sheds can also be turned into a miniature garden room. With wildlife common to the Duchesne area, planting herbs and other small plants within a shed will ensure they stay safe from munching animals.

  • Pet House: Have pets but do not want them in the house? Turn a shed into an easy pet home for dogs and cats to stay warm, out of the snow and rain, without tracking mud into the house.

Build the Perfect Shed

At Cumberland Buildings, we understand that sheds are an investment; therefore, customers should get exactly what they want. We offer a wide range of different sheds, varying in size, building material, paint colors, and window placement. Or, for those that wish to be involved in the entire process, you can get started using our 3D Shed Builder for more personalized options. Some sheds may even be available on clearance. To find out what special deals are available, check our local dealer here.

When looking for storage sheds in Duchesne, Utah, there is simply no better investment than Cumberland Buildings. Each shed is built to last with customer satisfaction in mind. Visit our FAQ page to learn more today.