When it comes to portable buildings, you can find one in most backyards these days. They aren't all built the same, though. Many companies offer run of the mill and even substandard products for the sake of low pricing. Not with Cumberland Buildings. Not only are our buildings superior, but so are our prices. Here are 4 options on why you should choose Cumberland Buildings.



With us, quality is never sacrificed for affordability. Floors and decking are pressure-treated to prevent problems with rotting. We utilize galvanized, ring shank nails to hinder future rusting. Instead of the typical 2'x4' rafters, we install 2'x6' beams which provides optimum durability. Doors are reinforced and the entire building is sealed (free of charge) to keep it waterproof. Our buildings are made to last.


Our lowest price guarantee makes you a winner. We have financing options available to our customers who just can't pay everything up front. Make up to 36 payments or pay it off early without penalty. If down the road you decide that you no longer want your building, we can terminate your payment plan and promptly remove it from your property.


All our buildings come with a 5-year warranty. It doesn't stop there. Roofs and shingles have a manufacturer warranty for 30 years as well. Our LP SmartSlide siding buildings includes a 5-year labor and replacement warranty which covers 100% of the cost to you. They even have a 50-year limited material warranty. This makes for a less risky investment.

Building Delivery


If you are located within 50 miles of a Cumberland Buildings location, you are in luck. We will deliver your building to you free of charge! Setup is on us too.


If you are in the market for a portable shed, garage, or barn, call us today. We have a team of experts eager to guide you along the decision-making process. When we created this business, we want to produce high quality, durable buildings that are made to last and we continue with that mission today.