3 Benefits as a Cumberland Buildings Dealer

It seems like everyone is looking for extra ways to earn money these days - people and businesses alike. One of the ideas you might be entertaining is becoming an authorized dealer. If so, have you considered partnering with Cumberland Buildings? It could be a great choice for you, and not simply because there is no financial investment needed to start with.

Here are three of the greatest benefits of becoming a Cumberland Authorized Dealer:

  1. We pay commission by unit. As an authorized dealer, you will be paid a commission for each storage building you sell, not for a specific number of buildings in a certain time frame. Our dealers earn as much as $5,000 a month this way. We give customers the rent-to-own option as well as purchasing, but you receive the commission regardless of what they choose.

  2. Your business traffic will increase. When you become an authorized dealer, people will come to your business for our storage buildings. While they are there, they also have a chance to see what else you have - a perfect opportunity to cross-sell your products and bring in more revenue.

  3. You will not be alone. We want to see you put your best foot forward as one of our authorized dealers. That is why we create promotional materials packed with useful information about our product lines for potential customers, and give them to our dealers. It is also why we train our dealers on our product lines and make ourselves available to answer their questions and concerns.

Does becoming one of our authorized dealers seem like a good fit for your business? Look through the requirements and contact us here today. 

Marcel Rodriguez