Creative Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Creative Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Believe it or not, millions of people worldwide can’t wait for Father’s Day. Each year, they think about what they can do to make this remarkable man in their life feel loved and appreciated. Here are some ideas to show your dad he is a special part of your life!

Paint A "DAD" sign

One of the least expensive and straightforward crafts you can give dad is using a paint pen or paint to make a personalized sign. You can either paint or write “DAD” on the sign using your best handwriting. Remember to be creative, and find colors that are his favorite; this way, he will feel special and loved. You can also add different elements such as hearts and stars throughout your sign, making it more vibrant and eye-catching. To complement the look of your DAD sign, you might want to choose a piece of wood on which you can paint. Wooden signs are durable because they protect the colors from fading away quickly. The size of your material should depend on how much space you have at home for displaying this gift from your kids.

Use Baking Tins to Make Hanging Plants

This is the perfect project for decorating your dad’s garage or home office. Use old baking tins to make hanging planters that dad can hang in his garage or on his deck. After making sure the tins are in good shape, add potting soil and your plants (choose plants that will thrive in partial shade) and tie a bow on a ribbon attached to the top to hang them up. Add a cute gift tag with a sweet message, and they’re ready to go.

Daddy Mug

You can make a cute Daddy’s mug for the practical dad, a gift that he will surely use for years. Buy a mug that your dad loves or uses at home or work. You could also use his favorite sports team or hobby as inspiration. You can also buy white mugs from craft stores and personalize them with your designs! If you are working with kids, we recommend using washable paint so that the artwork does not stay permanent. Otherwise, try acrylic paint for a long-lasting memory of your child’s handprint! Use a small brush and any remaining colors from previous projects around your house for detailing around his handprint design. Use an electric hair dryer to speed up the drying time but be careful not to burn yourself or have little fingers near hot surfaces!

Get Started on your Father's Day DIY

Making a craft for Father’s Day is a fantastic way to let Dad know how much you care. Whether he’s into sports, gardening, or fishing, you can likely find a craft that speaks to your father’s interests.

Even better, crafts are projects that children as young as 5+ can contribute to! So, what are you waiting for? Choose one craft you can do with your kids, gather your supplies and get ready for Father’s Day!