Create Your Dream Hunting Cabin

Create Your Dream Hunting Cabin

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Have you always dreamed of having your own hunting cabin? Whether you’re eager to set up a getaway just a few hundred yards away from the main house so that you don’t wake up the entire family whenever you head out to hunt or you have a hunting property that’s in need of a great place for you to sleep overnight, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the hunting cabin of your dreams. With a few basic modifications to a cabin or lofted barn cabin from Cumberland Buildings, you can create the perfect hunting cabin for your property.

Build in Bunks

One of the best benefits of a hunting cabin is the fact that you can sleep in a bunk, rather than pitching your tent on the cold, hard ground. Add a single bunk for yourself or put in a couple of bunks so that your buddies can join you on those long camping trips.

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Add Some Storage

Instead of hauling your equipment and tactical gear in every time you go hunting, add in some storage in your cabin. A few bins, shelves, or other storage will make it a snap to tuck away those important items–including things like a first aid kit or extra ammo so that you’ll be less likely to have to head back out of the woods to take care of something you forgot.

Take It the Extra Mile

If you want to turn your hunting cabin into a luxurious retreat, hire a contractor to add in a bathroom and mini kitchen. Once you can use the bathroom in comfort and cook up a few foods that don’t have to be prepared over a fire, you may never want to leave your hunting cabin!

Crafting a hunting cabin out of our cabins or lofted barns is a great way to make every hunting experience more enjoyable. This is an investment that you’ll enjoy using many times over the years–and it might even encourage you to go hunting more often!