Cozy Comfort Foods You Can Prepare in Advance

Cozy Comfort Foods You Can Prepare in Advance

Winter days can seem really short! The sun goes down earlier but the to do list doesn’t get any shorter. That’s why meal prepping during the winter months can be a game changer. By preparing a little bit in the beginning of the week, your dinner time rush will be calm, cozy, and just the thing to get you through those long winter nights. Much like starting a vegetable garden, meal prepping is just another way to help you stretch your grocery bill. 

All you need to get started are a few containers or ziploc bags to store your ingredients and the right recipes. Luckily for you, Cumberland Buildings staff has compiled a list of our favorite, easy to prep, comfort food meals.

This week we’ve got three meal prepping recipes guaranteed to save you time and money this holiday season.

Pulled chicken sliders with roasted vegetables

For this dish you’ll make a basic slow-cooked chicken recipe like this Alabama style BBQ.  The recipe calls for using a whole chicken, but it’s just as easy to use chicken breasts. Since you’re meal prepping you’re going to double the recipe to use the chicken again later in the week. Chicken from the slow-cooker comes out moist and tender every time.

While your chicken is cooking you will prep your vegetables (again: you’re going to wash and cut up more than you need because you’ll use them again later in the week).  Cut into one inch pieces a selection of cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, bell pepper, and onion. After you’ve roasted them using this easy recipe, (Easy Roasted Vegetables )put half of them into ziploc bags to use later in the week.

White chicken chili

Remember the chicken and the onions you saved from the previous meal? You’re going to use those to make a satisfying White Chicken Chili. Serving this comfort food with fresh corn bread and a dollop of sour cream makes for exactly the kind of meal you’ll need to survive holiday shopping! This recipe is perfect for using pre-cooked chicken!

Pasta Primavera

This is the easiest dish yet, and can be prepared in under fifteen minutes if you’re in a crunch for time. (Especially because you’ve already prepared your veggies!) Use whatever your favorite pasta shape is and try this cheesy parmesan version. Skip ahead in the instructions because your veggies are ready to go!

After a long day of work it will be such a relief to know that you’ve already prepped and prepared your way into an easy and delicious meal.