Christmas Decor: Festivity In Your Home With A Twist!

Christmas Decor: Festivity In Your Home With A Twist!

Christmas comes only once a year, and during that, most people take the time to decorate their homes both inside and out. However, Christmas may come in different sizes each year depending how you decorate. If you live in a large house, you may put up a large tree and decorate the walls with tinsel and stockings. On the other hand, living in an apartment or other small living space may mean a smaller tree and fewer decorations. Now, this doesn’t mean that Christmas won’t come at all. It just means that you’ll have to find a different way to decorate!

1. Using Your Countertops Effectively

First off, countertops can be great bases for Christmas decor. With a few command strips and some tinsel, you can add some shine to your counter! Along with tinsel, you can place a pot of poinsettias in place of your regular flowers. According to Refine + Define, using plants and other natural greenery accentuates any Christmas color scheme perfectly. Plants and other organic elements for the Christmas season would include pinecones, wreaths, amaryllis, and more.  Add a decorative bowl of gingerbread cookies or a tray of fruit cake if that’s more your thing!

2. Delightfully Miniature Christmas Trees

The next thing to come to mind when thinking of Christmas is the tree. A Christmas tree is one of the most important things in terms of decor. However, in some situations, a big and tall tree is not the most practical decorative item in the house. In place of a large tree, most regular and hobby stores sell miniature Christmas trees that can be placed and decorated anywhere. Most stores even make lights and ornaments specifically sized for these types of trees. Along with this, these trees save space! Modern Display reports that with an artificial tree, you can be sure that it will fit properly in your home without the worry that it might be too big or too small! And miniature Christmas trees make clean up afterwards much easier!

3. Adding A Dash Of Christmas To The Rest Of Your Home

In other areas, like smaller living rooms or front rooms, you can add new potted Christmas flowers, a decorative candle holder made of artificial antlers, some stockings, or even a few snow globes. Another interesting and fun idea is to make your own winter bouquet. The experts at Elle Decor have you covered on how to make one that is exactly your style! Each of these ideas are sure to provide you with at least one way to decorate during the Christmas season without fail. With this, your home should be brimming with Christmas cheer!

In the end, how you decorate your home is up to you. These ideas will bring some Christmas cheer into your home, no matter the size of it! From new flowers to tinsel and snow globes, they’ll all make the spirit of Christmas come alive every year without fail, no matter what!