Autumn Entertainment: 5 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Appealing

Autumn Entertainment: 5 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Appealing

Although we often think barbeques and outdoor parties are strictly summer events, Autumn is still a great time for cozy backyard entertainment. As you prepare for your next party, consider these 5 ways to make your backyard guest-ready.

1) Relaxing Furniture

Our furniture choices can “make” or “break” a party. Uncomfortable or awkwardly placed seating hurts the entire tone of a party.  Choose restful and cozy options with plenty of seating to go around. Although traditional wicker patio furniture has been a mainstay for years, more and more home owners are gravitating toward less traditional choices such as cushioned sectionals, oversized patio swings, and even “hammock seats.” These stylized, colorful pieces keep your guests comfortable while also boosting your party’s mood.

Fire pit in backyard

2) Open Fire Pit

Give your party a cozy atmosphere on chilly Autumn nights with a roaring fire.  Whether raised or sunken, fire pits offer toasty warmth and natural lighting, giving any party a rustic yet elegant flair.  Create a s’more roasting station and watch your guests enjoy the simple pleasures of gathering around a crackling fire together.

3) Unique Lighting

A fire pit isn’t the only unique lighting option your next party needs.  Be sure to invest in plenty of unique lighting arrangements, both for direct lighting as well as soft ambient.  Paper lanterns, fairy light canopies, and even light-up furniture all make greatlighting alternatives for a truly unique party atmosphere.   As Halloween approaches, be sure to take advantage of festive seasonal choices such as glowing jack-o-lanterns and spooky decorations.

4) Private Coffee Bar

Whether casual or elegant, be sure to offer your guests a variety of refreshment options to keep everyone in good spirits during the party.  For a non-alcoholic, family-friendly choice, set up a personal coffee bar in your backyard with a wide array of drinks, toppings, and flavors.  Take this plan one step further and transform your backyard shed into a miniature “coffee shop” complete with creative chalkboard “menus,” comfy seating, and even the signature coffee shop music we all known and love. This mini shop is the perfect place to shelter your party from chilly evenings and keep everyone cozy, both inside and out.

5) Autumn Greenery

Although the spring and summer growing seasons are over, Autumn plants and flowers such as Chinese Bellflower, Sweet Alyssum, and Celosia that are perfect for dressing-up our yards with refreshing natural beauty. Fill planters and flower beds or invest in canopy of hanging pots to add spice and color to your next party.  Although the weather is getting colder, we can still keep our backyards full of vivid life.

As you prepare for your next Autumn party, choose a variety of tips and tricks to keep your yard updated and comfortable for both you as well as your guests.  Keeping your backyard party-ready during the Autumn months is the best way to gear up for next year’s summer barbeque.