Storage Buildings & Backyard Sheds

Cumberland Buildings offers a wide range of outdoor storage buildings to customers in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, southeast Wyoming, west Nebraska and Utah, including backyard sheds and portable utility buildings. Whether you just need a place to store your lawn equipment and ATV or you want to stop paying someone else a monthly fee for storage, Cumberland Buildings has the quality outdoor storage options you’re looking for.

Side Lofted Barn just after being painted. The roof will be installed next.

Side Lofted Barn just after being painted. The roof will be installed next.

We offer portable utility buildings made from some of the highest quality materials, whether you choose a building with natural wood siding or painted engineered wood panels. Our extremely versatile buildings allow you to enhance your property with a freestanding garage, utility building, barn, backyard tool shed, horse barn or even a small cabin you can use as a small home office, guest room or getaway. And with a wide range of siding and paint color options, you can match your storage building to the style of your home.

Cumberland Buildings’ outdoor utility buildings are not only attractive, but they are also made to stand the test of time and weather. It’s our details that make the difference -- such as reinforced doors to keep rain and intruders out, water sealing for wood buildings at no extra charge, pressure-treated decking to prevent rotting, and many other features that add to the life of your storage building -- and its contents.

If you can think up a use for an outdoor storage building, we have the structures that fit your needs! Contact us today for a quote or to discuss our many portable utility building options.




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Why should you choose Cumberland Buildings’ portable storage buildings?

Simple – quality materials and construction, great price / payment options, warranties and free delivery.



Like so many companies, we fabricate portable storage buildings with top-notch materials for lasting durability and great value. Here is a list of features you will appreciate having in your new building:

  • Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and no rust spots or stains.

  • The 2x4” reinforced doors are designed to seal out rain and include key locks for added security.

  • Air vents are positioned to create optimal circulation and temperature control to protect your belongings.

  • Floors are built with 5/8” pressure-treated decking to prevent rotting.

  • Floor joists are created with pressure-treated boards positioned 16” on center for 10’ wide and larger buildings and set into notched 4” x 6” pressure-treated skids for maximum strength and durability, especially under heavy snow loads.

  • Garage floor joists are positioned 12” on center to carry the extra weight of ATVs, large mowers, cars, etc.

  • Wall studs are placed 24” on center and doubled under siding seams. Double studs provide the same strength as 16” on center while adding double the strength where the siding attaches.

  • Painted buildings are built with LP® SmartSide® panels.

  • Metal roofs and wood shingles are provided at the same price.

  • If stain or painted siding is chosen, the cost is included in the quoted price.

  • Wood buildings are water sealed at no extra charge.



You do not have to sacrifice quality for price. With us, you get a high quality, custom storage building at a reasonable price that is lower than big box chains and a lowest price guarantee. If you can find the same quality product and service at a lower price, we will gladly match it. With us, you get maximum value. The price you are quoted is all inclusive so you do not have to worry about hidden costs or up-charges. Any options will be added to the standard building price listed in our brochures and will be included in our quote. The price you are quoted (including options) is the price you pay. You can make your purchase with a check or credit card.

If you cannot make the full payment, we offer a rent-to-own program with no credit check. Get your own onsite storage instead of paying forever for a commercial storage unit, and save yourself the headache of traveling to an offsite storage unit for that one item you need. A security deposit and the first month’s rent will get you a standard building delivered within one to two weeks if bought off lot or two to three weeks if ordered. After 36 months of rental payments, the building is yours, or you can pay it off early with no penalty. If for any reason you choose not to purchase the building, contact your dealer for prompt removal.



As part of our commitment to quality and customer service, every portable storage building comes with a limited 5-year warranty on workmanship. Roofs and shingles have 30-year manufacturer warranties. All pressure-treated wood has a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty against termites and fungal decay. The LP® SmartSide® siding manufacturer provides a 5-year 100% labor and replacement warranty and a 50-year prorated limited material warranty.



Free delivery and setup is offered within a 50-mile radius of any authorized Cumberland Building dealer so you don’t have to worry about extra costs. If you purchase a storage building on the sales lot, it can usually be delivered within ten to fifteen business days. Special order buildings take between 15 and 25 business days to be delivered depending on the time of year, building size, weather and state travel restrictions. Your salesperson can provide you with details.

Come by one of Cumberland’s numerous authorized dealer locations throughout Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming. to see the buildings in person and get all your questions answered.