7 Amazing Uses for Your Pegboard

7 Amazing Uses for Your Pegboard

Tool sheds are filled with a chaotic array of small parts, tools, and miscellaneous equipment.  It’s challenging finding an inexpensive and flexible way to keep your work space organized and neat.  However, by investing in a basic, wooden pegboard, it’s easy to create a do-it-yourself organizer perfect for any tool shed or garage.

Depending on size, pegboard can be mounted to a wall or secured to the back of a door.  Each peg board comes with hundreds of small holes, perfect for adding extra baskets, hooks, and shelves.  Many of these extra accessories are easy to find in your local hardware store or through online vendors. Although pegboards have an almost unlimited supply of uses, consider their top 7 organizational benefits.

1. Power Tool Cradles

Bulky drills and other heavy power tools are easy to secure on your peg board.  Simply, add 2-3 extra pegs or hooks to create a cradle-like holder on the board for securely holding each item depending on size and shape.

 2. Nuts and Bolt Bins

Place several hook extension on your board and hang small buckets for nails, screws, and other small hardware supplies.  For an alternative storage option, use an attachable bucket or storage attachment instead.  These options keep your small pieces safely stored to prevent loss or injury.

3. Spray Can Racks

Many garages are filled with spray cans and miscellaneous bottles.  Help restore order to your shelves by moving your cans and bottles to your pegboard instead.  Attach a metal rack or shelf extension to the board for all of your cans.  Add as many as you can easily fit to ensure plenty of storage.

4. Power Cord Loops

When left out, extension cords and other electrical cords are dangerous tripping hazards; they also become easily damaged.  Hang several large hooks off the pegboard.  Loop your power cords together and hang on the hooks between uses.

5. Saw Stashes

Sharp saws should always be kept up high and securely stored to prevent serious injuries.  Place extra pegs high up on your board.  Be sure to measure your saw beforehand so you know how far apart to place the pegs.  Place your saw upright and check to be sure it fits securely. If your saw handle as a hole, use a hook extension for safe storage.

6. Key Hooks

For all your extra keys to your shed, cars, and house, add small hooks to your board for each key. Consider placing a label above each so you know at a glance what each key is for. This key stash is perfect way to avoid misplacing or losing your extra keys.

7. Garden Tool Storage

Although summer is the perfect time for all of your garden tools and yard supplies, it’s still wise to have a secure spot for storing each between uses.  Use basket extensions for storing gloves and smaller garden items such as spades, hand rakes, and small pruning shears. Larger items such as shovels, rakes, and hedge trimmers can be hung off of hook extensions. Extra hoses are easy to hang in loops over a large pegboard hook.

Pegboards are by far one of the best do-it-yourself organizers to invest in. Their flexible design and multiple attachments make them perfect for nearly any storage project.