6 Ways to Improve Your Garden Shed

6 Ways to Improve Your Garden Shed

Garden sheds are extremely useful additions to any backyard. However, investing in practical and attractive add-ons and accessories is the best way to truly get the most out of this helpful mini building. Although the following 6 accessories are primarily do-it-yourself projects, be sure to consult your licensed shed contractor at Cumberland Buildings for ways to personalize a brand new shed with their own additional options. The summer planting season is coming to a close, but upgrading your garden shed with these DIY projects is the perfect way to prepare for the fall and winter planting cycles.

Raised Indoor Planters

Late planting seasons are notorious for the threat of “cold snaps” and freezing soil.  Help keep your winter crops safe with a raised planter system.  These simple wooden frames are easy to construct inside your garden shed to protect young seedlings from extreme temperature drops. By using basic planks of plywood, these planters also easily double as a simple shelving or storage units.

Organizational Trellis

Garden trellises are far more useful than we realize. Although they’re the perfect home for climbing beans and vines, this timeless garden staple is also an attractive, nontraditional storage option every gardener needs.  Secure several trellises inside your shed walls and use them for hanging small flower pots or miscellaneous garden equipment such as gloves, hats, or small hand tools.

Miniature Sunroom

Although sheds offer plenty of protection for garden tools, they don’t always provide enough natural sunlight for delicate seedlings and fragile crops. Extend your shed with a built-in miniature sunroom.  Large windows and natural skylights allow plenty of warmth to nurture your new seedlings even in the chilly fall and winter months.

Enclosed Compost Mini-Shed

Compost is timeless garden mainstay.  However, unpleasant smells and space limitations make homemade compost a challenging investment.  More and more gardeners are enjoying the value of compost mini sheds. These miniature sheds offer secure stashes for compost and fertilizer.  This wise storage option is perfect for gardeners that struggle with continual pests such as raccoons, stray pets, and flies.

Pegboard Storage System

Garden equipment is often challenging to organize and store. Awkward sizing and minimal storage space creates chronic disorganization, often resulting in lost or damaged supplies.  However, pegboards offer a flexible storage alternative for any shed regardless of size or design.  Install a pegboard to any shed wall and invest in smart “clip-on” baskets, pegs, and hooks to hang and store all of your garden equipment.

Potting Table

Transferring fresh seedlings and working with potting soil is a messy job.  Help keep your shed clean and organized with an outside potting table.  These functional tables are perfect for all your potting projects.  They also provide extra storage for over-flow such as pots, hand tools, watering cans, and even extra soil.  Create a sleek potting table with a fold-down shed extension. This temporary tabletop is easy to fold away when not in use.

Although every garden is different, these extra shed accessories offer universal benefits every gardener can appreciate.  Whether looking for last-minute options for your winter garden or simply preparing for next summer’s planting cycle, fortify your garden with these 6 must-have shed accessories.