6 Things to Do to Prepare Your Shed for Winter

6 Things to Do to Prepare Your Shed for Winter

Fall is already here, and winter will be before you know it. If you have not yet prepared your storage shed for the cold weather that comes with it, here are six things that need to be done.

Sweep out the debris

There are a ton of little bits and pieces that can get tracked into your storage shed over the course of the summer and fall. Sweep them out and give your shed’s flooring a clean start for the new season.

Get it organized

Cold winter weather gives you less incentive to want to go out to the shed, or stay once you’ve got out there. Organize it so everything is in place for you to be in and out in the least amount of time.

Move your snow gear and equipment

Once the first snow hits, you will want any snow gear and equipment you own to be as close to the front of the shed as possible. While you’re organizing, move them to the front for easy access.

Winterize your lawn mower

Lawn mowers are not much use during the cold season, but you’ll want yours to be useful the rest of the year. Winterize it with these nine helpful tips.

Store the hoses

Hoses are great for the summer months, but run the risk of splitting if left out and full of water in colder weather. Empty them, roll them up, and store them in the shed until warmer weather comes around again.

Clean out the gutters

Leaves turning in the fall makes the world a more beautiful place. However, they only add to the mess that collects in your gutters the rest of the year. Get your gutters cleaned so the run-off from melting snow has somewhere to go.