6 Surprising Perks of Owning a Horse Barn

6 Surprising Perks of Owning a Horse Barn

Horse barns are a traditional mainstay that will never go out of style.  Although most people automatically assume horse barns are solely used for large farm animals and crop equipment, many lesser-known benefits are quickly rising to popularity. You don’t have to be a farmer to appreciate the surprising perks of owning a horse barn. 


Livestock Protection

Whether renovating your old barn or contemplating a new one, livestock protection is the most popular use that quickly comes to mind. Regardless of how many horses or herds you own, your animals are only as safe as the barn you shelter them in.  Harmful elements, predators, and theft are just a few livestock dangers when animals  are left in the open or housed in a inadequate barns.  Double-check your barn design and maintain regular upkeep to ensure your livestock’s health and safety.

Sheltered Pet Enclosures

Not every family owns horses or livestock.  However, dogs are an extremely-popular household pet.  Give your pets the safety and enjoyment of an enclosed dog run by personalizing your horse barn. With simple adjustments and extra fencing, any barn can be transformed into a shaded, full-secure dog run that gives your pets outdoor freedom with additional safety.

Weather-Safe Storage

Supplies such as lumber, chemicals, livestock feed, and machinery all suffer damage and poor quality when exposed to the elements.  Although a garage or shed may store some of our belongings, a horse barn is a much more practical alternative for roomy storage without the threat of weather-related damage.  In addition, extra barn storage keeps our possessions much more organized and easily within reach.

Theft-Proof Security

A homeowners greatest fear is the threat of burglary and theft.  We often go to great lengths to keep our homes and property safe. For larger possessions and high-risk items, consider adding a horse barn to your arsenal of thief-resistant safety tools.  Cars, motorcycles, , bikes, quads, and even farming equipment are all safe under the lock and key of a well-designed horse barn.

Indoor Garden

Gardeners across the country have discovered that horse barns make a surprisingly-effective garden and green house. Cold crops such as broccoli, cabbage, and spinach thrive in the shelter of a horse barn.  When sprouted in a barn, they are protected from extreme weather fluctuations and cold snaps, common occurrences early in the growing season.  Other year-round crops also benefit from the pest-protection a horse barns offers. Gardeners interested in specialized crops such as mushrooms, the shady, cool atmosphere of a barn guarantees a healthy bumper crop.

Private Craft Shop

For owners not interested in extra storage or animal shelter, horse barns still offer valuable space for wood-working and other crafting hobbies.  Move bulky power tools and craft supplies to the safety of your horse barn for a private shop and design studio.  The quiet privacy of a horse barns gives hobbyist and DIY entrepreneurs plenty of space and peace for working on their latest creations.

Because of their roomy design and flexible array of uses, horse barns offer many benefits smaller storage sheds and garages don’t necessarily provide. Whether looking for a new livestock enclosure or simply hoping to gain some extra storage space, consider the investment of new or refurbished horse barn.