6 Great Tips To Prep Your Storage Shed For Fall

6 Great Tips To Prep Your Storage Shed For Fall

Fall is a great time to prep your shed because winter will be here in no time. The proper preparation is important if you expect your shed to stand the test of time from season to season. We’ll provide valuable tips to help you prepare and preserve your shed for the fall. 

Remove Excess Leaves

While the leaves are falling in autumn, they can be pretty, but also wreak havoc on your storage shed. Unfortunately, excess leaves around your storage shed can hide critters and give your shed a tacky appearance. Be sure to use a blower or a rake to remove excess leaves that are starting to pile up around the outside of your building.

If you’re big on recycling, you can always mulch the leaves around your shed. It’s also a great idea to trim the branches of the trees responsible for causing a pile-up of leaves around your shed.

Clean Your Stored Items

Fall is a great time to thoroughly clean the items in your shed or the items you plan to store. For example, patio furniture can easily transfer mold and mildew to your building. Use warm water with a half of cup of bleach to clean furniture or items you plan to store away for the fall season. 

Items To Clean Before You Store Them For Fall: 

  • yard games 
  • pool furniture 
  • garden tools 
  • equipment 
  • clothing items 
  • furniture 

Reorganize Your Shed

The temperatures are still primal for you to reorganize your shed for the long winter months ahead. Add additional shelves or racks as needed to provide the space you need to tidy up your shed for the fall. If your shed is the storage space for practically everything, try grouping similar items to make it easier to locate. 

Eliminate Pesky Critters

Get rid of pesky critters that plan to make your shed their new home by exterminating and/or catching and releasing them during the fall. Cockroaches and garden snakes are prone to harbor in your shed during winter. However, calling a professional pest control technician or traps in the fall can save you time, money, and peace of mind. 

Increase Your Lighting

With the earlier evenings, fall is a great time to enhance your lighting. Reduce your energy costs and increase your illumination by installing energy-efficient LED bulbs. If you plan to spend long autumn evenings or weekends in the shed on those DIY projects, you can also add additional wiring for the necessary lighting upgrade you desire. 

Surveillance security camera under the concrete wall of a building

Enhance Your Security

Unfortunately, thieves will target your building with the earlier evenings approaching. Protect your valuables by adding lighting sensors, wireless cameras, and/or enhanced locking mechanisms. Don’t leave your shed partially secure, making it easier for thieves by enhancing your building security during the fall. 

Remember, building maintenance in the fall will preserve your shed and protect your investment. You’re invited to contact us at Cumberland Buildings for all of your shed needs!