5 Ways a Storage Shed Can Help You Meet Your Organization Goals for the New Year

5 Ways a Storage Shed Can Help You Meet Your Organization Goals for the New Year

Is improving your home’s organization one of your resolutions this year? If so, investing in a storage shed could be one of the most effective things you do to help you meet your goals. Using a storage shed can help you meet your resolution to get more organized in several key ways.

2018 New Year Resolution and Goals

1. Put away decorations. Do you go all out for the holidays, decking the halls and hanging lights everywhere? Do you have large holiday decorations that look great through the month of December, but that simply take up space in your garage, attic, or closets during the rest of the year? A storage shed will give you a place to put those items that is neat, out of the way, and allows you to store other things throughout the rest of your home.

2. Tuck away excess toys. If you have kids, you know that the sheer volume of toys coming into your home over the holidays can be overwhelming–and even throughout the rest of the year, they may play with less than half of what they have. By tucking away toys that aren’t being played with or even rotating through them throughout the year, you can declutter your home and make it easier for the kids to find the toys they do have.

3. Move out seasonal items. Beach towels, toys, and umbrellas, flip flops, big winter boots, the rake that you only use during the fall: seasonal items need to stick around for the next year, but they take up a lot of space in your home! Moving them to a storage shed will ensure that you’ll be able to find them next year without cluttering up the space you use every day.

4. Put away items that aren’t in regular use. Do you have items that you only pull out a handful of times a year: that chocolate fountain that’s the perfect addition to a party, for example, or the box full of goodies that you take with you on summer vacation? Putting those items in your storage shed will free up room in your home.

5. Store your outdoor items. Your garage is one of the hardest places in your home to organize. Not only do you want it to hold your car, it quickly becomes a catch-all for all of the items you don’t know what to do with or items that you need to use outside and don’t want in your home. Using a storage shed will allow you to free up more space for your car as you tuck away your mower, your weed eater, and all of those necessary outdoor maintenance items.

If you’re ready to move forward with a more organized home for 2018, a storage shed will help you meet those goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can meet your storage needs.