5 Styles and Motifs for the Perfect “She-Shed”

5 Styles and Motifs for the Perfect “She-Shed”

Nearly every man wants his own personal hideaway–the infamous “Man Cave.” However, they aren’t the only ones that deserve a private get-away.  The “She-Shed” is quickly becoming the perfect backyard escape every woman needs.  With some planning and basic DIY skills, it’s easy to transform your old backyard shed into the perfect female escape.

Coffee and Tea Bar

Turn your shed into your own private coffee shop and enjoy your hot morning drinks in peace.  This cozy hideaway mimics the comfortable coffee shop atmosphere; it’s perfect for studying and office work. Use scrap wood to build a makeshift counter top for your coffee maker and thermos.   Invest in fun baskets and mason jars to store your coffee supplies and tea bag stashes.  Paint and hang old wooden boards or chalkboards with  faux “menus” of all your favorite drinks and  motivational quotes.  Have all your special mugs and teacups available and ready for use. Be sure to add a cozy recliner, rocking chair, or small table to complete the cozy feel.

Personal Library

Busy moms and wives rarely have the peace and quiet needed to enjoy their favorite books.  Set aside your shed as a private library for storing and enjoying your books.  Transform the atmosphere with a mini couch, love seat or hammock.  Dress-up the floor with colorful floor rugs to create a homey, library-like feel.  Be sure to invest in whimsical mini bookshelves to display and store your treasured novels.  This shed is also the perfect place to store library books to avoid damage or loss.

Yoga and Fitness Zone

One of the biggest challenges behind getting fit is finding the right mentality and inner drive.  Create a motivational, focused atmosphere with a She-Shed set aside solely for exercise.  This mini gym is the perfect spot for exercise equipment. Sand-down or cover the floor with removable foam squares for a comfortable yoga and meditation spot.  Be sure to cut several windows or invest in a skylight to keep your private gym comfortable and ventilated.  Consult an electrician for some basic electric wiring so you can enjoy your digital work-out programs and favorite music while you sweat through your training.

Garden Guru

Springtime and Summer are seasonal favorites for women who love creating gardens and lush flowerbeds.  Although many supplies are stashed in the garage, this important equipment is much better off in its own unique place.  Transform your shed into a greenhouse-like She-Shed; By removing sections of the roof or walls and replacing them with fiberglass or window panes, your baby plants and flowers will get plenty of natural sunlight.  Invest in plenty of cabinets and consider putting up a DIY pegboard for additional hanging storage. This She-Shed will keep all your costly yard supplies safe and organized for the Summer.  It doubles as a private sunbathing spot as well; you can enjoy natural warmth and sunlight as much as your plants do!

Inner Peace

Although many She-Sheds are great with specific themes and motifs, it’s important to remember that this spot should be exactly what you need it to be. Look at your life and schedule and find out what’s missing.  Your shed’s theme and motif should reflect this.  Many times, the perfect She-Shed is simply a quiet, cozy place for a much-needed escape after a long, hard day.