5 Creative Ways to Transform Your Cabana

5 Creative Ways to Transform Your Cabana

Red Metal Roof Cabana

Investing in a cabana is one of the best and easiest ways to transform the atmosphere of your entire yard. Although simple in shape and design, these open pavilions offer an array of creative uses, particularly during the warm, summer months. After finalizing the basic design, take some additional steps to plan for the final touches and accessories.  These personal details transform your cabana into the perfect backyard addition, ideal for your family’s unique needs, whether it be hosting your next barbecue or throwing a festive pool party.

Outdoor Lounge

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining loved ones and friends.  However, take your next dinner party or family get-together outdoors under the shelter of your cabana.  Using sheer curtains and subtle, romantic lighting, transform your cabana into a cozy and personal entertainment center.  Although curtains provide  a sheltered atmosphere for your cabana, guests can still enjoy the warm summer evening as well as hints of the stars above.  Add comfortable outdoor furniture, an open fire-pit, and a drink bar to complete your evening’s aesthetic.

Watch the stars at night from your very own backyard Cabana.

Cinema Under the Stars

Pricey movie theaters and crowded drive-ins are quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more families invest in personal movie theater systems.  With just a few changes, your backyard can become your favorite movie theater.  Movie projectors and outdoor televisions come in a variety of sizes and designs; find the ideal model for your cabana and begin personalizing the space.  Comfortable seating, subtle lighting, and delicious refreshments are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable movie experience. Invite friends and family over to enjoy a personal, open-air “movie premier.”

Personal Camp Ground

Camping is the perfect summer activity.  Unfortunately, not every family has the luxury of escaping to the woods every weekend.  Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your own backyard by customizing your cabana into a private camp-site. Keep your cabana simple and open with a clear view of the night sky.  Add soft padding, cots, or air mattresses for comfort and enjoy sleeping out under the stars. For an extra special touch, purchase a fire-pit or add a small fireplace into your cabana’s wall.  The extra warmth will be cozy luxury on cooler evenings.  You’ll also have the perfect place for toasting marshmallows and sharing mugs of hot chocolate.

Poolside Retreat

Give your pool a personal touch with an adjoining cabana. This extra shelter is perfect for storing pool supplies, extra towels, and other poolside necessities.  It also offers a great place for rest and relaxation outside the harsh summer heat.  Accessorize your cabana with cozy hammocks and comfortable patio furniture.  Include plenty of storage as well as a table for snacks and refreshments.  For a true swimming enthusiast, transform your cabana into a private changing and shower room with extra privacy walls and additional plumbing. Enrich your pool experience with a matching cabana for all your poolside needs.

Open-Air Kitchen and Grill

Even the most comfortable kitchens can feel cramped and stuffy during hot summer months.  Escape the kitchen and enjoy the outdoors by moving your cooking outdoors.  Cabanas are easy to customize into fully operational kitchens, complete with plumbing and electricity.  Open-air kitchens are perfect for enjoying your guests’ company while you prepare for the evening.  Turn your outdoor kitchen into a cozy but functional entertainment hub for your next backyard party.  These miniature kitchens are definitely worth the investment.

Whether looking for a new entertainment experience or simply enjoying the pleasure of sleeping out under the stars, customizing your cabana is a cost-effective and unique way to meet your family’s summer needs.  Their flexible designs are the perfect blueprint for your next backyard addition.