4 ways West Illinois residents can benefit from storage sheds

4 ways West Illinois residents can benefit from storage sheds

What comes to mind when you hear of storage sheds? Maybe you have an idea of a garage, storage for dirty lawn equipment, paper, and files that are rarely used, washing equipment or damaged electronics. Outdoor storage sheds can be used for varying purposes depending on how convenient and ideal you find your shed. Could be you don’t own a shed yet. Owning a shed is important for the above uses and others.

1. Guesthouse

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Guests can find a place to stay comfortably and cheaply if you can find a way of putting in the electricity, a bed and probably a TV. You will have built a tiny guest house without going through a lot of trouble and with the same comfort of a traditional guest house.

2. An office

There are several other uses for sheds apart from the ones mentioned above. For example, you could use it as your home office. You might have desired to work from home for a long time but couldn’t due to distractions. You can easily convert your storage shed into an office by adding extra fittings and decor to suit the demands of your nature of work.

3. Kids’ Playhouse

If you decide to design a playhouse for your kids and before you go for more expensive alternatives, think about your shed and get creative in ways you can turn it into a safe haven for the young ones to escape into their own world. Kids love to feel like they too are adults and you will have built a tiny home for them.

4. Gym

Sheds are an ideal place to get away from the crowd and work on keeping fit. You can turn your storage shed into a gymnasium for aerobics, weightlifting and perfect storage for your equipment. You may not need any adjustments in fixtures like in other uses.

Cumberland Buildings offers a variety of storage sheds. Our variety includes utility sheds, metro lean-to sheds, lofted barns, horse barns, cabins, portable garages among others. We can arrange for financing options in case you need one.

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