4 DIY Tips For Creating the Perfect “Mini Gym” in Your Shed

4 DIY Tips For Creating the Perfect “Mini Gym” in Your Shed

With warm summer months quickly approaching, nearly everyone has weight loss and fitness on the brain.  Rather than investing in costly gym memberships or classes, one of the best places to get healthy is right in your own back yard.  With just a few small changes, you can easily convert your shed or garage into the perfect “mini gym” for all of your fitness needs.


Most sheds have plain wooden or concrete floors.  Easily transform these primitive flooring types with basic carpet squares, large rugs, or invest in foam or rubber matting.  These simple flooring options prevents foot injuries and quickly improve the look of the entire shed.


Store-bought shelving is often very costly; save your budget by using DIY shelf options such as wooden peg boards and tension rods.  Wooden peg boards are easy to customize with multiple types of attachments such as hooks, baskets, and removable shelves. Tension rods are great for hanging smaller pieces of exercise equipment such as yoga mats, elastic resistance bands, and even your work-out clothes.

Ventilation and Natural Light

Working-out in a stuffy, dark shed isn’t fun for anyone.  Be sure to have at least two vents in your shed to allow a fresh supply of air.  Also, choosing to have a professional install a window or a skylight in your shed will allow plenty of natural light and air circulation.

Electric Access

Electricity is a must-have for your mini gym if you plan to use exercise DVDs or music as a part of your work-out. Having a working electric outlet is also nice if you work-out later in the day when there’s cooler temperatures and less light.  However, working with electric wiring is somewhat risky.  Unless you have plenty of electric knowledge and experience, always use a certified electrician to install your wiring.

Having your own, private mini gym is a huge benefit, both for yourself and your family. Although it does take a little cash upfront, this private gym quickly pays for itself in the long-run.  You’ll add value to your home’s property and save gym membership fees.  Converting your shed into a DIY gym is a decision you’ll never regret.