3 Major Benefits of a Rent-to-Own Storage Shed

3 Major Benefits of a Rent-to-Own Storage Shed

You need a storage shed. Your garage is overflowing to the point that you can’t even fit your cars in it. You’ve cleaned out things in your house in an attempt to embrace a less-cluttered lifestyle, but you have nowhere to put them. Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a smaller house or you’ve simply accumulated too many possessions. There’s just one problem: you can’t afford the full cost of a storage shed right now, nor do you have enough for that first down payment. Luckily, our rent-to-own option will allow you to invest in a storage shed for low, affordable monthly payments that will fit nicely into your budget.

The Cost

Buy or Rent to Own with No Credit Check

For as little as $74 a month, you can bring home a storage shed that will help increase your available space and make it possible for you to enjoy your home more than ever. The actual monthly cost will vary based on the type of shed you need and the size that you want to put in your yard.

The Benefits

When you opt to rent-to-own a storage shed, you’ll discover several key benefits. There’s no need for a credit check; just sign your rent-to-own contract, and you’ll be ready to go! If you live within 50 miles of a storage shed dealer, setup and delivery is free.

Customize Your Shed

Just like when you make a typical storage shed purchase, the rent-to-own option still allows for full customization. Choose the paint and roof colors, select the size that will work for you, and design it perfectly to fit with your existing property.

If you’re ready to dive in with the rent-to-own process, find us online or call us today at 855-957-4337. We’re standing by to help you set up the storage shed you need.