12 Unique Ways to Use a Backyard Storage Shed

12 Unique Ways to Use a Backyard Storage Shed

Having a detached backyard storage shed may seem fairly straightforward. After all, they only serve one purpose right?


Placing an outdoor storage unit in the backyard can open up a world of possibilities. Whether homeowners have a green thumb or a need for speed, detached storage units can be transformed into a variety of different uses to suit every hobby or interest. At Cumberland Buildings, we offer a wide range of different building options including sheds, garages, and cabins for whatever plans homeowners have in store.

So whether homeowners already have plans in mind or are looking for a little extra inspiration, transform the backyard with these 12 ideas for freestanding garages:

1) Animal Shelter

Animals can be stinky, dirty, or tear up the house. Using a small storage cabin is the perfect way to give pets a home without letting them destroy the house. For pet owners, wood storage sheds would be particularly useful to serve as a protection for dogs, cats, and other animals against sweltering summers, sudden downpours, or freezing winters.

Cumberland Buildings offers an 8x10x12’ barn perfect to convert into an animal sanctuary. Adding a pet bed, toys, and food can keep animals feeling happy and safe. An animal house is also a great area to store food, treats, and litter boxes that can create a stink in the house. It can be an area to wash animals as well!

2) Workshop

Nothing is worse than a garage full of sawdust or the overwhelming fumes of fresh paint. A garage should be a place to protect cars, not generate a mess over the latest home improvement project.

A workshop can also double as a space to store tools. This can be especially important for those with young children that have potentially dangerous equipment in their house. Create an open working environment with tools just an arm’s length away and no need to worry about wandering children or making too much noise. Cumberland Buildings offers utility sheds in two sizes to fit any homeowner’s next project.

3) Game Room

Create the perfect atmosphere for fun and laughter. Create a game room either for adults or children. Adding classic arcade games is a great way to create a backyard escape while decluttering the home.

Outdoor storage units can also be rigged to fit electronics such as a Playstation or Xbox. In a detached space, a game room can be the best place to focus and strategize during a big game. It can also become a space to gather friends and family without distracting the others in the house. Setting up a separate game room prevents noise from spilling out into other areas of the home. Cumberland Buildings offers special cottage sheds that come complete with double doors and windows to create an inviting and personalizable space.

4) Man Cave

It is difficult to find a room in the house that can be dedicated to a fully fledged man cave. Every inch of the house is precious space. That is why using a portable storage building is the perfect solution. Make a personal space without using any precious space inside the house.

Building a man cave in the backyard will allow men a separate space to watch the game or invite friends over. Creating a man cave can also enhance the next barbeque or holiday, giving guests a chance to sit and relax without tramping through the house. Man caves are also a great way to keep kids at bay. Cumberland Builders offers lofted barn cabins that create an open and airy space with plenty of room to decorate.

5) Pool Cabana

Have a pool in the backyard? Investing in a backyard storage shed is the best way to keep the backyard from becoming cluttered. Storage sheds are the best way to store all pool paraphernalia in one easy-to-access location. Keeping pool accessories in a shed will keep the garage clutter free while still offering protection from the elements.

Want to create a truly extravagant pool experience? Try converting a storage shed into a pool cabana. A pool cabana can be painted and modified to act as a changing room, bathroom, or shower. Pool cabanas are a way to enhance the pool experience and keep the house interior cleaner. Cumberland Buildings offers economy utility sheds to provide storage or a changing area without overtaking too much of the backyard.

6) Backyard Escape

Ever wanted a quiet space to enjoy nature while still maintaining luxury? Detached storage units provide the ideal area for a backyard escape. Add a little furniture and some string lighting to create the ultimate cozy experience. Feel in tune with nature and create a peaceful space perfect for reading or napping. It is the best way to enjoy a warm summer night with family or friends.

Cumberland buildings build small storage cabins complete with windows and a four foot porch to generate a cozy and homey atmosphere. These small storage cabins are optimal size for adding comfortable seating and furniture while still allowing plenty of natural light into the cabin due to its windows. Create a backyard escape that all the neighbors will be jealous of.

7) Child’s Playhouse

Sometimes kids can get a little rowdy. What better way to quiet the house than to send them to their very own backyard playhouse? Perfect for parents that work or are just craving a little more peace and quiet. Making a child’s playhouse out of a detached storage shed is another way to prevent messes in the house. Give children a place to let loose and play without sacrificing the cleanliness of the home.

What better area to build a playhouse than a side utility shed by Cumberland Buildings? These side utility sheds come with one window and a set of double doors to allow parents to easily keep tabs on their children from the house. Side utility sheds are built to last; that means Cumberland Buildings are able to handle anything children can throw at them.

8) Craft Room

Any crafter knows:
Craft supplies are endless.

Why not give yourself a place to set up all your supplies without overtaking the basement or closet? Creating a crafting room out of a detached garage space allows crafters to spread out, providing ample amount of room for any project. Storage sheds can become the perfect room for scrapbooking, painting, or quilting.

Cumberland Buildings create lofted barn cabins that are ideal for crafting rooms. These lofted barns allow for an airy and open atmosphere to inspire creativity. The four foot porch also allows crafters to easily transport their projects to the outdoors for those wishing to work outside. Do not fight the restraints of the house any longer. Create a unique crafting area.

9) Office

For those that work from home or desire a space to focus and get work done, a separated storage unit may be the solution. Storage units are great for a luxurious office or den. Separation from the house allows for a more quiet and focused space. Office users will be less likely to be disturbed by family members bustling around the house. Take a conference call or respond to emails in peace in a backyard office area.

For those considering an additional office space, Cumberland Buildings offers a utility shed ideal for a work study. This one room shed offers plenty of space for a complete office set up without taking up too much room in the yard. The utility shed comes with customized options like roof height and window placement to add a personal touch to the room.

10) Guest House

Love the in-laws but want to keep them at a safe distance? Turn a detached storage unit into guest quarters to prevent overcrowding. Creating a small studio style space is great for college kids coming back home to visit, grandma and grandpa, or all the little nieces and nephews. A guest house allows for comfortable and private lodging for those visiting without disrupting the natural flow of the house. Navigating the holidays just got easier.

Cumberland Buildings offers side lofted barn cabins that are perfectly suited to be turned into a guest house. Complete with a small porch, front door, and windows, the side lofted barn cabin invites warmth and comfort.

11) Home Gym

Gym equipment takes up a lot of space in the house. Not to mention that it is loud and can even carry an unpleasant smell. Do not worry. There is no need to buy a gym membership. Instead, simply transfer all the equipment into a personal home gym in the backyard. Using a separated storage shed as a gym is the best way to remain active and fit without creating a funk in the house. Not to mention, it is much faster to walk to the backyard instead of drive to a gym.

The side utility building built by Cumberland Buildings gives homeowners a chance to set up the ideal home gym. The double door entrance allows for easy transport of equipment into the building as well as an opening for fresh air to flow into in the warm months. Do not spend another day contemplating where to move all that gym equipment and create a personal home gym.

12) Music Studio

Does a family member have that insatiable dream to start a band? It can be a challenge to enjoy the home atmosphere with an aspirational musician constantly competing with the television or radio. The easy solution is to set up a music studio in the backyard. Keep the music flowing and encourage instrumental practice without having to listen to it all.

Cumberland Buildings makes economy utility sheds that are the perfect size for a jam session. Create an inspirational and fun space that encourages practice without being forced to listen to the same song over and over again. Cumberland Buildings can save the household’s sanity.

Backyard space is precious. Why not make the most of the backyard by utilizing a separated storage unit to personalize the space? Cumberland Buildings offers a wide variety of outdoor storage sheds to satisfy every need and hobby. Amp up your backyard today!