Does the building need to sit on gravel or concrete?

  • The only requirement is a level location. Our buildings are designed to rest directly on their skids. In order to level, we use a jack to raise the building until it is level, then we block underneath it with ground contact rated treated wood blocks.

Can I have my building on concrete block instead of the wood blocks provided?

  • Yes! We only require that you provide the blocks. The rule of thumb for figuring blocks is one block for every 4′ to 6′ of skid length on the flat ground. A typical 10×16 is blocked at 6 to 8 points, one block on each end of the skid and one or two blocks in the middle of each skid.

What if the area where the building is to be placed is 2 feet or more out of level?

  • We highly recommend buying concrete blocks. We recommend 4 inch thick, solid cap blocks. Thinner blocks tend to crack, and larger blocks cause the building to be higher above the ground and more difficult to access. It is not advisable to place the blocks before the driver delivers the building.

How long will I have to wait to get my building?

  • Typically, you should allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of your building. Wet weather and winter weather are always a hindrance. Grassy slopes are unsafe when wet. Yards can be damaged by driving across them when wet. Our drivers reserve the right to postpone any delivery when they feel the weather conditions are unsatisfactory.

How much space should be allowed to deliver a building?

  • A vertical space of 14ft, measured from the ground to the top of the building when it is on the trailer, is required. Be sure to take any tree branches and utility wires into account. The driver will still need a minimum of 2ft of space to maneuver the truck. That is, a building 12ft wide will require a 14 foot wide space. Please take tight turns into account when considering a location.

What sizes are your buildings available in?

  • We can build any size building between 8×8 and 14x36 as long as it is in increments of 2ft. Therefore, sizes that are not listed on your dealer’s price list can be built. Some hauling restrictions may apply on larger sizes.

Why is my 12ft wide building only about 11’4″ wall to wall?

  • We are limited by hauling regulations as to how wide a building we can deliver. The current regulation is 12ft. For this reason, 12ft wide buildings are measured from eave to eave. Our 8ft and 10ft wide buildings are measured from wall to wall.

What kinds of maintenance will be required on my building?

  • No maintenance is required. We do recommend that you apply a stain to your Fir building somewhere between 1- year and 1-year 1/2 of receiving it.

Do I need to have permits or other paperwork?

  • You are responsible for contacting your local city and county agencies in regard to zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants. Also, it is recommended that you contact your Home Owners Association (if applicable) to determine what neighborhood rules and regulations may apply.

Are all of your buildings available for Rent-to-Own?

  • All of the standard buildings are available for rent-to-own. There are rare situations where a highly customized building can require paying cash. Also, if a customer wants to modify the construction of their building or paint it, then it must be a cash purchase.

What is the maximum height of the wall?

  • The standard wall height of Barns is 4ft. The standard wall height of Lofted Barns, Lofted Barn Cabins, Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabins, Side Lofted Barns, Side Lofted Barn Cabins, and Economy Utility Sheds is 6′-3″. The standard wall height of Cottage Sheds, and Portable Garages is 7′-8″. The standard wall height of Utility and Side Utility Sheds is 7'8" but may also be ordered with 6'-3" walls at no extra charge(this wall height may be required by a HOA).
  • Horse Barns, Cabins, and Cabanas have a standard wall height of 7'-8".
  • The Lofted Barn can be ordered with the Extra High wall option that measures up to 7′-8″.

What is the warranty on a building?

  • We guarantee our buildings to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years. Metal roofs and Shingles are rated for 30 years.

What kind of warranty do the shingles have?

  • Our shingles have 30-year warranty.

Do I Need To Have My Building Anchored Down?

  • Although we do not actually offer this service, we do highly recommend that your building be anchored down to reduce the risk of any natural related accidents.